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Dan Sullivan, also known as Dan Panic or Danny Panic, is a punk rock drummer from Chicago.


Dan Sullivan began his musical career with Ivy League, a quartet from Chicago's western suburbs who released one 7" EP in 1990. He then joined Screeching Weasel in 1991 and remained with the band until 1997. He also played with The Riverdales, Cinco De Gatos,[1] and The Queers during his time with Screeching Weasel.[2] After leaving Screeching Weasel, Panic relocated to San Francisco where he eventually drummed for the bands Groovie Ghoulies,[3] Pansy Division, The Plus Ones, The Avengers[4] (sometimes called "The Scavengers" during this period), and Beulah,[5] usually performing under his real name. He currently performs with The Red Verse.

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