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Schreiber presenting at Wikimania 2014

Daniel "Dan" Indiana Craig Schreiber is a radio producer living in the United Kingdom and is also a writer for radio and television. He co-created the BBC Radio 4 panel show The Museum of Curiosity with host John Lloyd and co-producer Richard Turner,[1] and co-hosts the podcast No Such Thing As A Fish and its television spin-off No Such Thing as the News.

Early life[edit]

Schreiber was born in Hong Kong to an Australian father, before moving to Australia at age 12, and then moving to the United Kingdom at 19.[2][3]


Schreiber is one of the researchers, or "elves", for the television panel game QI.[4] On 30 July 2009, Schreiber hosted an unnamed radio pilot which was performed in a manner similar to a radio breakfast show.[5] He has contributed to a number of books including The Naked Jape by Jimmy Carr and the QI spinoffs The Book of General Ignorance and G Annual. Schreiber also appears as a panellist and presenter on the BBC panel show No Such Thing as the News.[6]

After five seasons working for QI, Schreiber headed up an online start-up called ComedyBox[7][8] at Warner.[9][10] "The whole idea of ComedyBox was to fund people who wouldn’t be given money by TV stations, to make comedy sketches."[11] There, Schreiber executive produced Ken Russell's short Christmas film A Kitten for Hitler,[12] and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby's ComedyBox clips[13] and stand-up DVD: Imagine That!

As a stand-up comedian,[14] Schreiber has toured with FolkFace from Radio 1's Chris Moyles Show and is a regular panelist on the E4 show Dirty Digest.

In 2016 he hosted No Such Thing as the News alongside James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski on BBC Two. It is a television spin-off of the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast, in which the four QI Elves discuss their favourite facts that they have learned that week.


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