Dan Shilon

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Dan Shilon
Dan Shilon Portret.jpg
Born (1940-10-24) October 24, 1940 (age 78)
ChildrenAdi Shilon, Dafna Shilon
ShowDan Shilon Live
Station(s)Channel 2
Time slotLate night
StyleTalk show

Dan Shilon (Hebrew: דן שילון‎, born October 24, 1940) is an Israeli television host, director, and producer.[1]

Media career[edit]

Dan Shilon began his career in the 1960s with Israel Radio, was a correspondent of Kol Israel (Voice of Israel), and was a journalist for Yediot Ahronoth.[2][3] He also was the General Manager of the Israeli television company Reshet (רשת), a franchisee of Channel 2 on Israeli television, until he resigned in 1988.[4][3]

In 1988, after political opponents Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres debated each other, leftist Mapam politician Meir Pa'il, opined: "Neither is qualified to lead Israel. [Shamir] is complete square and [Peres] is a shifty mediocrity. [Dan Shilon] is more intelligent than both of them, and Shilon is no Rambam."[5]

Shilon hosted an Israeli late-night television talk show about political and social issues on Channel 2 on Israeli TV, which was very popular in the early 1990s, known as The Dan Shilon Show or Dan Shilon Live.[6][7][8][9][10][3] It was the Israeli equivalent of The Phil Donahue Show.[11] The show features both liberal and conservative Israeli public figures as guests, and dealt with controversial topics.[6]

In 1998, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman accused him of "crossing the lines" of appropriate journalistic behavior, and taking a stand against Netanyahu.[12]

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