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Dan Sociu is a writer born May 20, 1978, in Botoşani, Romania. He belongs to the younger generation of poets, the so-called poets of 2000, who are often called representatives of "Miserabilism" by Romanian literary critics. This expression defines both a tendency to take on the pose of anti-hero and biographical writing which puts an emphasis on the banality of everyday life, allowing itself to be influenced by American popular literature.


Come with me I know exactly where we are going, Tracus Arte, 2013, poetry Naive and sentimental poems, Cartea Românească, 2012 Mouths Dry with Hatred, Longleaf Press, University of Virginia, 2012 (poetry) Pavor nocturn, poetry, Cartea Românească, 2011;

  • 2008 Special needs, novel, Polirom
  • 2008 URBANCOLIA, a phantasmatic neo-realist post-socialist novel, Polirom, Iaşi
  • 2007 Co-author of: Poveşti erotice româneşti (t: Romanian Erotica ), Editura TREI, Bucureşti
  • 2005 cîntece eXcesive (t: eXcessive songs), Cartea Românească, Bucureşti
  • 2004, 2007, 2nd ed. fratele păduche (t: brother louse), Vinea, Bucureşti
  • 2002 borcane bine legate, bani pentru încă o săptămînă (t: well-sealed jars, money for another week), Junimea, Iaşi
  • A selection of Sociu’s poems have been translated for German and English anthologies
  • The wall in my head, Words Without Borders, 2009,

New European Poets, Graywolf, 2008

  • No Longer Poetry, Heaventree Press, ed. David Morley 2007
  • hat jemand etwas gefragt(t: No one aked you), Versus, 2003
  • Ozone Friendly, T Publishing House, 2002

Club 8 Poetry, T Publishing House, 2001

  • Translations of his poems and articles have also appeared in literary magazines in: Austria (Wienzeile), Sweden (Ord & Build,Lyrikvännen), Poland (Lampa), USA (Circumference – University of Columbia, exchanges - University of Iowa).
  • He has translated Charles Bukowski and published an anthology of poems by the author, an anthology of poems by Seamus Heaney,

one of erotic poems by e.e. cummings, novels by Aleksander Hemon, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Dashiell Hammett and many theater plays.


2007 he was voted "Most Prominent Young Writer" at the Younger Writers' Colloquium in Cluj.

  • 2006 cântece eXcesive (t: eXcessive songs) was awarded "Best Book of the Year" by the Romanian Writers’ Association.
  • 2006 The Award of the Magazine 22, granted for achievement as the "Most Talented Young Writer of the Moment"
  • 2003 "borcane bine legate, bani pentru încă o săptămînă" (t: well sealed preserving jars, money for one more week) was awarded the national prize to foster talent, the "Mihai Eminescu" Prize and the Romanian-Canadian Prize "Ronald Gasparic"


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