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Dan Steinberg
Occupation Sports Columnist
Television host

Dan Steinberg is an American columnist and blogger for The Washington Post. Steinberg writes the DC Sports Bog for the Washington Post. Dan provided chess coverage from the XX Winter Olympics in Turin (Torino), Italy.

In an interview with The Big Picture blog Dan describes his becoming a sports blogger: "The boring story is, like every kid who played strat-o-matic a bit too much, I always wanted to be a sports writer. My experience covering sports at Delaware (first story: equestrian team) made me think maybe I didn’t want to do be a sports writer. So I had a D.C. non-profit job, and then I spent 18 months working in the cheese department for Whole Foods Market, and then I again decided I wanted to be a sports writer, so I started taking down high school field hockey scores and making photocopies and talking to deranged callers as a Post newsaide. The truth is, a friend of a friend was in charge of hiring sports newsaides at the time, so I got very lucky with that, and I got very lucky with a few random writing assignments, and a bunch of editors were way nicer to me than they needed to be, etc, until I got a full-time writing job."

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