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Dr Dan Steinbock

Dan Steinbock (born 1954) is a global economic and policy analyst. He is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world and the founder of Difference Group,[1] which “guides clients in the new risk environment" focusing on international business, international relations, investment and risk, and markets across advanced, emerging and developing economies.” Before the global crisis, Dr. Steinbock made contrarian predictions about future economic, political and strategic trends in advanced, emerging and developing economies that proved valid.[2] Unlike most analysts, he emphasizes the values and interests of both advanced and emerging economies, not just those of advanced nations. "Dominant scenarios are biased scenarios," he says.[3] He divides his time between New York City, Shanghai, European capitals, emerging Asia and other world regions.

Activities and Affiliations[edit]

Dr Steinbock has served as Research Director of International Business at the India, China & America Institute (United States), the EU Centre (Singapore) and Fellow at the leading global think-tank Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (China). He has advised and addressed multinational companies (e.g., Intel, Nokia, Huawei) and SMEs, financial intermediaries, insurers, and risk companies (APAC Investments Summit, Coface Group, Nordea Group), international organizations (incl. OECD, World Bank, European Commission, Nordic Council), cities (incl. New York City, Shanghai and Helsinki), chambers of commerce (incl. AmCham, Eurochambres), and government agencies across the world. He is an expert of new multinationals from advanced and emerging economies, has published widely on the globalization of the ICT,[4] occasionally in cooperation with Prof Michael E. Porter (HBS). He has explored the "Asianization" of foreign investment, competitiveness and innovation[5] climate change risks[6] and the new sustainable development goals.[7]

He has cooperated with think-tanks worldwide, including Indian Council for Global Relations (Gateway House), Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (USA), Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (Harvard Business School), Gulf Research Center Foundation, Global Markets Study Group (Stern School of Business/NYU), Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI). He is in the high-level Guidance Group of the GeoBranding Center (CMO Council) and has had advisory tasks in 1to1 Media, Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, McKinsey Quarterly Online Executive Panel, and so on.

In mid-1980s, he served as Senior ASLA-Fulbright Scholar (New York University, Columbia University) and has lectured worldwide, including Stern School of Business/NYU, Columbia Business School (USA); Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Guangdong University (China); Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore (Singapore); BI Norwegian Business; Aalto University School of Business (northern Europe).

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Steinbock is of Jewish descent with family roots in Viborg and St Petersburg. In Finland, he has advised and briefed half a dozen Parliamentary committees, several ministries and all major competitiveness and innovation institutions (incl. Tekes, Finpro, Invest in Finland, Academy of Finland), multinationals, financial intermediaries, venture capital firms, SMEs, as well as regions, cities and municipalities.


Dr Steinbock on US growth after the global recession

As an op-ed columnist, Dr Steinbock contributes commentaries and policy briefs for leading business publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including the U.S.-based Roubini Global/EconoMonitor; CNBC The Project Syndicate; EUobserver; The European Financial Review; The World Financial Review, The European Business Review, China Daily, China.org (official government portal); Al Jazeera; South China Morning Post, EJI Insight/Hong Kong Economic Journal, Shanghai Daily; BusinessDay Nigeria and many others. He has published in journals on international relations and international business, including American Foreign Policy Interests, The National Interest, China Economist, and Global Review. He has been interviewed by most major media in all world regions; from EIU/Economist, BBC World, and China CCTV International to AsiaOne, Voice of America, CNN/EFE Spain, and Expresso Portugal . For recent interviews, see his comments on Iran's AIIB membership with Iran's Mehr News Agency,[8] or listen to his comments on the internationalization of the renminbi (UK Share Radio, Investment Perspectives, Sept 10, 2015).[9] For presentations, see his economic brief on US post-recession growth (Coface Risk Summits 2011-12).[10]

Recent economic and policy briefs[edit]

Journal publications[edit]

For more, see DifferenceGroup/Reports.


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