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Dana Design was a small manufacturer of high-end backpacks for mountain climbing, based in the Rocky Mountains. The company was founded by Dana Gleason in Bozeman, Montana. Their most popular pack was the Terraplane.[1]

Dana Design was sold to K2 Sports in 1996, and control of the division was subsequently assumed by Marmot in 2004, which moved operations to Vashon Island, Washington. Manufacturing was moved overseas in the late 1990s. Dana Design ceased to exist as a name brand in 2006. Many of their popular packs, such as the Terraplane, Bridger, and Bomb Pack were rebranded under the Marmot name.

After the expiration of his non-competitive agreement with K2, Dana Gleason went on to start Mystery Ranch, a boutique pack builder. The packs are domestically made in Bozeman, Montana, and some of the Mystery Ranch designs bear a strong resemblance to Gleason's original Dana Design packs.

Mystery Ranch currently has on-going procurement for the United States Navy SEAL Team. The pack is called BDSB. Also, several United States Air Force Pararescue teams have bought specially designed medical pack for the operational usage in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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