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Dana Kunze is an American champion high-diver. He has held the world records for the highest dives. Dana Kunze began his professional high diving career in 1974 at the age of 13.[1] He won his first world championship in 1977 and maintained a winning streak for seven years.[1] Dana now maintains a company that produces high dive shows.[1] Several other divers have successfully executed dives from 172 feet, including Rick Charls, Rick Winters, Bruce Boccie, Randy Dickison, and Mike Foley. There is considerable controversy regarding the validity of later attempts by others to set new high diving records. Debate has focused on whether subsequent divers who fractured multiple bones or other internal injuries (such as Randy Dickison, Olivier Favre, and Rudolf Bok and required aid to exit the water should be considered successful record attempts.

In 2015, the current record for a cliff jump (not qualifying as a high dive) of 58.8 m (193 ft) was set by Laso Schaller, aided by a wetsuit and pulled from the water using a rope.[2][3]


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