Dana Olmert

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Dana Olmert

Dana Olmert (Hebrew: דנה אולמרט‎‎; born March 1972), is an Israeli left wing activist, literary theorist and editor. She is a daughter of Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Olmert graduated with a PhD in literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on "The Growth of Hebrew Poetry by Women During the Twenties: Psychoanalytical and Feminist Perspectives."[1] She teaches literature at Tel Aviv University[2] and lately teaches creative writing workshops. She is the editor of a poetry series and was invited to several juries of literary prizes.

She was active in the Jerusalem branch of the Israeli left-wing human rights organization Machsom Watch.[3] In June 2006 she attended a march in Tel Aviv protesting alleged Israeli complicity in the Gaza beach blast which made her the subject of bitter criticism from right wing personalities.[4]

Olmert is a self-identified lesbian and defends Pride parade in Israel.[5] She lives with her female partner, Dafna Ben-Zvi, in Tel Aviv.[6] The couple raise a daughter birthed by Ben-Zvi.


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