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Danae Elon, daughter of Amos Elon and Beth Elon, was born in Jerusalem in 1970. Elon is an award winning documentary filmmaker and cinematographer.


She graduated from New York University in 1995. In 2009 she received the prestigious Guggenheim fellowship[1] in the category of film. Her first documentary film Never Again Forever[2], released in 1996 showcased in over 25 international film festivals and received a Golden Spire award from the San Francisco International film festival as well as an achievement award from the Chicago International Film festival.

Soon after she returned to Jerusalem, her hometown to complete two additional films Wild Mint, which she directed and produced, and Cut[3] which she photographed and co-produced.

In 2001 Danae returned to the US and began work on her film Another Road Home[4][5] which received a Sundance grant in 2003 and was praised as one of the most honest and sensitive films ever made about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film premiered at the 2004 Tribeca film festival and showcased in over 20 international film festivals, including IDFA, LAFF, Jerusalem film festival, Hot Docs, Encounters South Africa, Gothenburg, and many more. Another Road Home was theatrically released in 2005 and was shown in over fifteen US cities. It was broadcast on the Sundance channel, BBC, Finnish, Belgian, New Zealand, Swedish, and on both Al Jazeera and Israeli television. She won two awards for Another Road Home[6] a bronze medal from the Warsaw International Film Festival, and best documentary from Tursak Film Festival in Istanbul.

Partly Private[7] is her second feature documentary, it is a documentary comedy on male circumcision. An Israeli-Canadian co-production it is due to be screened on Arte France, TV Ontario, Canal Vie, TV2 Denmark, and Channel 8 Israel. Partly Private[8] premiered in the 2009 Tribeca film festival and won the Best New York Documentary award.

In addition to her work as Director and Producer Elon has won awards for cinematography. She has worked in the US, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua both independently and for major networks.

Elon is also a lecturer at the Sapir School for Film and TV and the Programmer of the Israeli documentary program at Cinema South[9]


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