Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3

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Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 3
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 cover art.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) Xbox
Release date(s)
  • NA November 15, 2005
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 3 is the tenth home version of Dance Dance Revolution released in the United States. It was released by Konami on November 15, 2005, for the Microsoft Xbox video game console. About 70 songs are available in total in this version. The game was announced in a press release[1] by Konami on May 17, 2005, and unveiled at the expo in Los Angeles that same day.


Similar to previous Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) titles, this game is played by listening to the music and hitting the up/down/left/right arrows when they hit the outline at the top of the screen after coming up from the bottom. This may be done with an Xbox controller or a DDR controller (dance mat). If you miss steps, your health goes down, but if you time one correctly, the health bar in the upper left slightly goes up. Each individual arrow gets a rating on how close the timing was (PERFECT,GREAT,GOOD,ALMOST,BOO).

Game modes[edit]

Game Mode[edit]

This is the main mode of DDR Ultramix 3. It plays similarly to the version in the arcade, where a song is picked at a certain difficulty (beginner, light, standard, heavy) and is played through. If you run out of health before the song is completed, the song ends and you fail it. After the song, you get a rating depending on how well you did. Game Mode may also be played with two pads instead of one. Some songs also support an Oni difficulty mode, which may be as difficult, slightly less difficult, or slightly more difficult as the heavy difficulty. While selecting a song, press start to change the order of the songs by default order, alphabetical order, speed of the songs, artist order, and banner order. When holding down A to select a song, there are ways to modify the song before playing through it, such as changing the speed, direction of the arrow flow, and other modifiers.

Party Mode[edit]

Attack Mode[edit]

The goal of this mode is to knock your opponent(s) down to the bottom line. Getting a combo of a certain five arrows in a row will create an effect during the song to help you or hinder your opponents.

Bomb Mode[edit]

Everyone passes around a bomb which will explode after a certain amount of time. Pass the bomb by getting a Five Combo. Last one standing without the bomb wins.

Quad Mode[edit]

Similar to Game Mode, but one player uses four pads at once.

Sync Mode[edit]

Like Game Mode, but with a groups of friends. Everybody must press the arrow at the same time to get through the song. Getting a Good or lower on any step will immediately end the song.

Score Battle[edit]

Like Game Mode with multiple players, but whoever gets the highest score for best dancing wins.

Point Battle[edit]

Made for two players, each person starts with 16 points. A player loses a point if the rating of an opponent’s step is higher than the other’s. The game ends when the loser’s points get to zero.


This mode of gameplay follows the basics of picking a song, but there are always four players, and there are no arrows to follow. Players have to hit arrows according to the music. Tips at the bottom of the screen give players tips on how to be a better freestyle dancer throughout the course of the song.

Quest Mode[edit]

In this mode, players take control of a character and move around North America trying to become the best dancer. While playing, there are two types of values. One is Fanbase, which is how well you do on a certain song. If you do well in a certain area (get a high enough Fanbase on a song), then you will be recognized as a great dancer there. The other value is Points. Points are gained with each step taken during a song and can be used to buy new things like managers, dancers for your team, and fees for traveling between cities. Getting new managers or dance members on your team throughout the game will make your Fanbase and Points go up even faster with every song.

Workout Mode[edit]

The Workout Mode of Ultramix 3 is very different from the other versions of DDR, every platform considered. Whereas in the others, the workout mode was an actual game mode, the Ultramix 3 Workout Mode (U3WM) is more of a feature that you can enable. When enabled, the U3WM will keep track of every step made by the controller attached to the port that called for U3WM activation (the U3WM can keep track of the four players' workout). When the "Summary Screen" is called upon, it will display everything that the user has done in any and every game mode he or she used, from Game to Party to Career to Training. There is also an option to turn on the "Calorie Tracker", which tells the player how many calories a player burns, but is not very accurate. You can also input your weight. There is also a way to change the way it counts your steps. By hitting the start button, you can change it so it can tell you the equivalent of your steps in meters of swimming of miles of jogging.

Challenge Mode[edit]

In this mode, there will be specific challenges the game will give you to move on to the next level. There are ten levels (SIMPLE, MODERATE, ORDINARY, SUPERIOR, MARVELOUS, GENUINE, PARAMOUNT, EXORBITANT, CATASTROPHIC, APOCALYPTIC) to be completed, each with its set of unique objectives.

Xbox Live[edit]

This mode allows you to play DDR Ultramix 3 with other people on Xbox Live currently playing the game. You can also download song packs, which give you four or five songs. It costs $4.99 per song pack, except for one, which is free.

Training Mode[edit]

This mode allows you to change the style of songs and use helping modifiers so you are able to learn a song which is supposedly too difficult at first or other attempts. Speed can be changed, a metronome can be added, and there are other modifications to songs that are possible, also. You can also start and stop the song when you want, or practice only certain parts of it.

Edit Mode[edit]

This mode allows you to customize the steps for any song, allowing you to play at your own style. These customized steps can also be used in Game Mode, Training Mode, and uploaded and downloaded via Xbox Live.[2]

Jukebox Mode[edit]

This allows you to listen to the songs on DDR Ultramix 3 without actually having to play. There are some playlists already made in the default order from Game Mode, but you can also have up to two customized playlists including only songs that you want to listen to.


Song Title Artist
Alphabet Aerobics Blackalicious
Bag RevenG
Balalaika, Carried With The Wind (Jondi & Spesh mix) Julie Ann Frost
Bassile OR-IF-IS
Bath of Least Resistance NOFX
Body Rock (Olav Basoski's Da Hot Funk Da Freak Funk Remix) Moby
Breakdown BeForU
Bye Bye Baby Balloon JOGA
Candy(star) Luv unlimited
Carnival Day Paula Terry & Fu Fu's
Come With Me Yahel & Tammy
Come With Me Raindancer
Conflict (Turmoil mix) The Azoic
Crazy In Love wg feat. Indra J
Daikenkai Des-ROW 限UNION
Delta 32(UFO! Remix) True Force
Destiny Lovers Kunitake Miyuki
e-motion e.o.s.
Firefly BeForU
Frozen Ray (DIRTYHERTZ mix) dj TAKA
Hash the Sun Chatanix
Hateful The Clash
Hey Mama The Black Eyed Peas
Hot On the Phone Boyjazz
I Am Gothic (2003 Remix) Spray
I Just Wanna Live Good Charlotte
Imperfection (Tycho Brahe mix) Real Life
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) They Might Be Giants
Kiss Me All Night Long NAOKI J-STYLE feat. MIU
Mi Alma Ozomatli
Midnight Frankenstein Stay Gold Pony Boy
Miracle Moon ~L.E.D. LIGHT STYLE MIX~ Togo Project feat. Sana
Moment 40 Moshic
Nari Narien (Jay Dabhi remix) Jay Dabhi vs. Hisham Abbas
Play That Funky Music wg feat. Tony L.
Pot-pourri d'orange Orange Lounge
Raise Your Hands Midihead
Rock Lobster The B-52's
Rock-a-billy Willy Big Idea
Sakura RevenG
So Many Times Gadjo
Stakeout (Ultra:mix) Freezepop
Sunflower Girl SHORTCUTS
Superstylin' Groove Armada
The Cat In The Moon 901(Clay)
The Cult of Gnosyllis Orange Koresh
The Imperial Carnival kumiko
The Spirit of Hawk chuji
Virtual Insanity wg feat. Austin Willacy (Originally by Jamiroquai)
Walk This Way Run D.M.C. and Aerosmith
What I'd Say Ray Charles
Where's Your Head At? Basement Jaxx
Whip It Devo
Why (Club Mix) Nevarakka

Hidden songs[edit]

Song Title Artist
Brilliant R•E•D NAOKI feat. Tahirih Walker
Colors (Midihead's Sapphire Mix) dj TAKA
Dança de Yuka Big Idea
ever snow YOMA KOMATSU
Frozen Ray (DIRTYHERTZ mix) dj TAKA
Giudecca D.J.SETUP
Himawari Riyu from BeForU
Insaner Jondi&Spesh
Jelly Kiss (Midihead's Smak Remix) Togo Project feat. Sana
Love This Feelin' (ZONK REMIX) Akira Yamaoka
Music To Your Head SLAKE
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers* Leon Jessel
rainbow flyer dj TAKA
Right on Time DJ NAGUREO / Robbie Danzie
The Legend of Max ZZ

*-This song automatically unlocks after Christmas 2005.

Crossovers into other games[edit]

A number of new songs from the game have made their way into other Bemani titles. "Brilliant R•E•D", "Himawari", "rainbow flyer", and "Brazilian Anthem" (a downloadable song) were all featured in the arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA. "Jelly Kiss (Midihead's Smak Remix)" was featured in the PlayStation 2 release of Beatmania IIDX 10th Style.


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