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Dance India Dance
Presented by
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 130*
Location(s) Auditions: New Delhi, Mumbai, Baroda, Dehradun, Kolkata, Indore, Bengaluru

Surindra Rao

Asst- Nitesh choudhary
Running time 1–3 hours
Production company(s) Essel Vision Productions
Original network Zee TV
Picture format 480p (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Original release 30 January 2009 (2009-01-30) – present
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Dance India Dance is an Indian dance competition show that airs on Zee TV, produced by Essel Vision Productions. The show is the national TV version of the Zee Bangla dance reality show Dance Bangla Dance which also has Mithun Chakraborty as the Grandmaster.

The show premiered on 30 January 2009. The first season was hosted by Tarana Raja; since the second season it has been hosted by actors Saumya Tandon and Jay Bhanushali. The show features a format where dancers from a variety of styles enter open auditions held in Indian metropolitan cities to showcase their unique style and talents and, if allowed to move forward, are then put through mega-audition rounds of auditions to test their ability to adapt to different styles. At the end of mega audition, the top 18 dancers are chosen as finalists who move on to compete in the competition's main phase where they will perform solo, duet and group dance numbers in a variety of styles in competition for the votes of the broadcast viewing audience which, combined with the input of a panel of judges, determine which dancers will advance to the next stage from week to week.[1]

The show features a variety of Indian cultural and international dance styles ranging across a broad spectrum of classical, contemporary, Bollywood, hip-hop, jazz, Kalaripayattu, salsa, samba and musical theatre styles, amongst others, with many subgenres within these categories represented. Competitors attempt to master these styles in an attempt to survive successive weeks of elimination and win a cash prize (typically Rs 50 lakh) and often other awards, as well as the title of "India's Best Dancer". The show is choreographed by Indian choreographers, such as Terence Lewis, Remo D'Souza, Geeta Kapoor and Mudassar Khan, Feroz Khan, Shruti Merchant, Govinda (actor), Punit Pathak, Gaiti Siddiqui. The show has won several television awards for "Most Popular Dance Reality Show".[2]

Show format[edit]

The show gathers raw talent aged 15 to 25 from all over India. Once chosen, the contestants are trained by professional Bollywood choreographers.[3] Thereafter the participants compete against each other. Some of the dance forms that are taught to the contestants are ballet, acrobatics, shadow dancing, mid-air dancing, Broadway theatre, contemporary, Bollywood, Latin, ballroom, and hip-hop.[citation needed]


The contestants perform before a panel of judges composed of Terrence Lewis, Remo D'Souza, Geeta Kapoor, Remo D'Souza, Mudassar Khan, Feroz Khan, Shruti Merchant, Govinda (actor), Punit Pathak, Gaiti Siddiqui. The selection of the season's Top 18 live show finalists are overseen by head judge Mithun Chakraborty.[citation needed]

Selection of finalists[edit]

The selection process can be further broken down into two distinct stages: the open auditions and a second phase referred to as the 'Mega Auditions'. The open auditions take place in 5–6 major Indian cities and are typically open to anyone aged 15–30 at the time of their audition. The cities in which auditions are held varies from season to season but some, such as New Delhi and Mumbai, have featured in almost every season. During this stage, dancers perform a brief routine (typically individually) before a panel of dance experts. This panel will then make an on-the-spot decision as to whether the dancer demonstrated enough ability.[4] If the dancer impressed the judges with his/her dancing abilities, judges will award a "Dancing Superstar ki Topi" (Hat of Dancing Superstar), moving them instantly one step forward in the competition.[5]

The second stage of the selection process, the "Mega Auditions", is a several-day-long process in which the 100 hopefuls are tested for overall well-rounded dance ability, stamina, and their ability to perform under pressure. The dancers are put through a battery of rounds which test their ability to pick up various dance styles (typically some of the more well-represented genres that will later be prominent in the competition phase, such as hip hop, Bollywood dance, jazz, Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Mohiniyattam, Odissi and contemporary). At the end of this process, only the top 36 competitors will be chosen. The top 36 are then again asked to give solo performances, after which 18 are chosen in the final auditions. Then, those top 18 get divided into 3 groups of dancers which are named according to the 3 judges of the show such as, Mudassar ki Mandali, Firoz ki Fauj, Shruti ki Shaandaar, Terence Ki Toli, Geeta Ki Gang and Remo Ke Rangeeley. Each group containing 6 dancers then competes in the show, learning new skills throughout the journey.[6] Kalyan singh in the dans

Seasons overview[edit]

Season 1 was judged by Master Geeta, Master Terence and Master Remo. The finale of the first season aired on 30 May 2009. The winner was Salman Yusuff Khan from Remo Ke Rangeele, with Alisha Singh from Terence ki Toli named the first runner-up and Siddesh Pal was the second runner-up.

Season 2 was also judged by Master Geeta, Master Terence and Master Remo. For the 2010 season, the winner was Shakti Mohan from Terence ki Toli. Dharmesh Yelande from Geeta ki Gang was named first runner-up, and Punit Pathak was the 2nd runner-up.

Season 3 was also judged by the same three judges. The winner of the third season in 2012 was Rajasmita Kar from Geeta ki Gang. Pradeep Gurung, from Assam and from Terence ki Toli, was voted as 1st runner-up and Raghav Juyal was 2nd runner-up.

Season 4 was judged by new judges, Master Mudassar, Master Shruti and Master Feroz. The season was won by 17-year-old Shyam Yadav of Mumbai.[7] He was from Mudassar ki Mandali. Manan Sachdeva from Shruti ke Shandaar was the 1st runner-up and Bilki Das was the 2nd runner-up.

Season 5 was judged by Master Mudassar, Master Gaiti and Master Puneet, who was a previous contestant in Season 2. In 2015, Proneeta Swargiary from Punit ke Panthers won the DID5 title. She got more than 35 lakh votes. Sahil Adaniya was the 2nd runner-up.


Dance Ke Superstars[edit]

Dance Ke Superstars featured contestants from the first two seasons to compete against each other. The show was judged by choreographers Remo D'Souza and Shiamak Davar, and featured a guest judge every week. Team Jalwa, the Season 2 DID contestants, won the series.

Dance India Dance Super Mom[edit]

Mithu Chowdhury from Kolkata was declared the winner of Dance India Dance Super Moms 2013 Season, and Cecille Rodrigues from Goa was the 1st runner-up, and Shraddha Shah Raj from Surat was the 2nd runner-up.[8]

The second season started in March 2015.[9] Harpreet Khatri who hails from Mumbai was announced the winner of Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 2 in 2015. Season 2 was anchored by popular TV actor Karan Wahi. Season 2 was judged by Geeta Kapoor, Govinda, and Terence Lewis.

DID Dance Ka Tashan[edit]

DID Dance Ka Tashan featured contestants from Dance India Dance Super Moms competing against contestants from Dance India Dance L'il Masters 2. The show aired in November 2013 and was judged by choreographer Ahmed Khan and Geeta Kapoor and hosted by TV actor Rithvik Dhanjani and India's Best Dramebaaz, Nihar. The show was won by Team Todu, the DID L'il Masters Season 2 contestants, Faisal, Soumya, Rohan, Om, Shalini, Deep, Tanay, Jeet and Shreya.

Dance India Dance L'il Masters[edit]

The first season of DID L'il Masters was judged by Farah Khan and Sandip Soparrkar. The four skippers and their teams were: Dharmesh ke Dhinchak, Jai ke Jhatang-Fatang, Vrushali ke Dhum-Dhadake and Amrita ke Aflatoon. Jeetumoni Kalita from Dharmesh ke Dhinchak was declared winner of the first season of Dance India Dance L'il Masters. Atul Banmoria was the 1st runner-up and Vaishnavi Patil was the 2nd runner-up , Sonik Chauhan from Delhi got the best performer award from Finalist and Tiyash Saha (Wild Card Entry) from Kolkata (Neerav ke Rockstars) got the 5th position and most entertaining participant of the Season , Ritika and Pallavi got 6th position.

DID L'il Masters 2 was judged by Master Geeta and Master Marzi. The four skippers and their teams were Prince ke Paltan, Raghav ke Rockstars, Kruti ke Krackers and Neerav ke Ninjas. 5 contestants, Jeet, Om, Faisal, Rohan and Saumya entered the grand finale. Faisal Khan, from Prince ke Paltan, was declared as the winner of the second season.[10][11] Om Chetry, Rohan Parkale and Saumya Rai came second, third and fourth respectively.

The third season began broadcasting on 1 March 2014.[12][13] Geeta Kapoor, Ahmad Khan and Mudassar Khan were judges, along with Sanam Johar, Raghav Crockroaz Juyal/ Omkar Shinde, Rahul Shetty and Paul Marshal Cardoz and Swarali Karulkar, as skippers.[14][15][16][17] The teams were Raghav/Omkar ke Rockstar, Sanam ke Superheroes, Rahul and Paul ke Rapchik Punters and Swarali ke Sparklers. Teriya Magar from Nepal was declared the winner,[18] and Anushka Chetry became the 1st runner-up. Sadhwin Shetty was the 2nd runner-up.

Dance India Dance L'il Masters North America Edition - Auditions were conducted in April 2014 with over 10,000 contestants auditioning from all across the US, Canada and Europe. Out of them 10 contestants were chosen and were flown to Mumbai, India to compete in the finals. The winner was Akhil and the second winner was Avantika Vandanapu

Dance Ke Superkids[edit]

Dance ke Superkids- Battle of the Baaps! featured contestants from the first two seasons of DID L'iL Masters. It was judged by Geeta Kapoor, Farah Khan and Marzi Pestonji and hosted by Jay Bhanushali and Shreya Acharya.[19][20] Team Yahoo, also known as DID L'il Masters Season 2, was led by Captain Raghav Juyal and choreographers: Kruti Mahesh and Prince Gupta. They won the competition with Faisal Khan, Soumya Rai, Rohan Parkale, Om Chetri, Jeet Das, Shalini Moitra and Tanay Malhara dancing their way to victory. Team Wakao, also known as DID L'il Masters Season 1, was led by Captain Dharmesh Yelande and choreographers: Mayuresh Vadkar and Vrushali Chavan; with dancing contestants: Jeetumoni Kalita, Vatsal Vithlani, Ruturaj Mahalim, Vaishnavi Patil, Atul Banmoria, Anurag Sarmah and Khyati Patel. The team fell just short of victory but thoroughly celebrated their time on the show all the same.

Dance India Dance Doubles[edit]

The shows consisted of 12 finalist couples. The Grand Finale was scheduled for filming 7 April 2011 at the Andheri Sports Complex for broadcast on 9 April 2011.[21] Amit and Falon were voted the winners of the season.


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