Dance Like a Star

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Dance Like a Star
EP by The Human League
Released Sept 2002
Recorded Sheffield, 1977
Genre Electronic music
Length 23:23
Label Black Melody
Producer Tim Pearce ,
The Human League
The Human League chronology
Dance Like a Star
The Golden Hour of the Future

Dance Like a Star is an EP released in the UK in September 2002. It was released by Black Melody records on behalf of the original lineup of the British synthpop band The Human League and contains very early tracks recorded in 1977 when the Human League were known briefly as The Future. All tracks are previously unreleased. The record is a limited edition 12-inch vinyl EP released as a companion to The Golden Hour of the Future, CD released in October 2002. Only 2000 copies of the 12-inch were ever pressed.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dance Like a Star" (V.1) (Oakey/Marsh/Ware)
  2. "C’est Grave" (Trad arr Marsh/Ware)
  3. "Titled U.N." (Marsh/Ware)
  4. "Dance Like a Star" (V.2) (Oakey/Marsh/Ware)
  5. "Treatment" (Marsh/Ware)
  6. "The Last Man on Earth" (Marsh/Ware)


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