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"Hard2Beat" redirects here. For the song by Hard-Fi, see Hard to Beat.
Dance Nation
Parent company Ministry of Sound, Clubland
Founded 2007 (as Hard2Beat)
Genre Electronic dance music
Country of origin UK and Ireland
Location London
Official website Dance

Dance Nation is a British independent record label which is a subsidiary of Ministry of Sound. When founded in 2007 it was known as Hard2Beat Records, and was rebranded to its current name in 2010.

The label's first release was "Now You're Gone" by Basshunter, and they have released other singles and compilation albums since then.

In April 2009 they held Dance Nation Live, a live arena tour across the UK. Basshunter headlined the tour with acts including Sash!, Lasgo, and Platnum.

Dance Nation has its own customised content channel on Audiotube. The label brand was used as a Sky TV Channel in 2012, since it has not had any new releases or live tours. The official website went offline in April 2015 as well as all social media sites.

Artists On Dance Nation[edit]







Release Date Artist Title
14-01-2008 Various Artists Big Tunes 2008
21-04-2008 Various Artists Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008
14-07-2008 Basshunter Now You're Gone - The Album
21-07-2008 Various Artists Put Your Hands Up! 4
29-09-2008 Various Artists Classic Big Tunes
20-10-2008 Sash! The Best of
01-12-2008 Various Artists Hard House Anthems
29-12-2008 Various Artists Wigan Pier Presents Bounce
04-05-2009 Various Artists Dance Nation
03-08-2009 September Cry for You
05-10-2009 Basshunter Bass Generation
27-07-2009 Various Artists Big Tunes - Back 2 the 90's


Catalog Release Date Artist Title Charts
H2B 01 31-12-2007 Basshunter "Now You're Gone" 1 1
H2B 02 18-02-2008 H "Two" O feat. Platnum "What's It Gonna Be?" 2 7
H2B 03 14-04-2008 September "Cry for You" 5 8
H2B 06 07-07-2008 Sunset Strippers "Step Right Up"
H2B 07 11-08-2008 7th Heaven Feat. Katherine Ellis "Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent"
H2B 08 30-06-2008 Basshunter "All I Ever Wanted" 2 1
H2B 10 28-07-2008 Bob Sinclar presents Fireball "What I Want" 52
H2B 11 28-07-2008 Weekend Warriors "Don't Stop Believing"
H2B 12 06-10-2008 Platnum "Love Shy (Thinking About You)" 12 24
H2B 15 13-10-2008 Sash! feat. Stunt "Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)" 9 28
H2B 16 29-09-2008 Basshunter "Angel in the Night" 14 10
H2B 17 29-09-2008 Bass Slammers feat. Sally Jaxx "Dancing with an Angel"
H2B 18 18-05-2009 Star Pilots "In the Heat of the Night" 21
H2B 19 27-10-2008 Groove Coverage "Moonlight Shadow"
H2B 20 15-12-2008 Basshunter "I Miss You" 32
H2B 21 08-12-2008 Geo Da Silva "Do It Like a Truck"
H2B 22 06-04-2009 Lasgo "Out of My Mind"
H2B 23 09-03-2009 September "Can't Get Over" 14 38
H2B 24 15-12-2008 Confused Crew "One Bad Apple"
H2B 25 15-12-2008 Basshunter "Jingle Bells (Bass)" 35
H2B 26 06-04-2009 Basshunter "Walk on Water" 76
H2B 29 16-03-2009 Lenny Fontana & Ridney present Larisa "Wait 4 U"
H2B 35 20-04-2009 Anna Grace "You Make Me Feel"
H2B 42 21-09-2009 Basshunter "Every Morning" 17
- 30-10-2009 Basshunter "I Promised Myself" 94
DANCEN09CDS 18-07-2010 Basshunter "Saturday" 21 37

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