Dance Party USA

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Dance Party USA
GenreDance/Variety show
Presented bySee list
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Production location(s)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Camden, New Jersey, United States
Running time30 minutes (1986–87)
45–48 minutes (1987–92)
Production company(s)Nise Productions
On Air Entertainment
Original networkUSA Network
Original releaseApril 12, 1986 (1986-04-12) –
June 27, 1992 (1992-06-27)

Dance Party USA was an American dance television show that aired on cable's USA Network from April 12, 1986, to June 27, 1992. It was originally a half-hour, but was expanded to an hour in 1987.

The program was shot live-to-tape at Power House Recording Studio in Camden, New Jersey and produced at WGBS in Philadelphia. Its predecessor was Dancin' On Air, a program on Philadelphia's WPHL-TV.


  • 1985-1986: Dave Raymond
  • 1986-1989, 1992: Andy Gury, Annette Godfrey
  • 1989-1991: Bobby Catalano, Heather "Princess" Day
  • 1989-1990: Amy Brady, Alvin "Spicy" Ramirez, Cindy Stark, Romeo Levi Robinson King, Tyrone "Mr. Mitch" Mitchell
  • 1989: Christy Springfield
  • 1990: Aubrey Ayala, Kelly Berridge, Chris Bustard, Pete Conicelli, Joanna Mistretta, Matt Robbins, Desiree Wynder,

Noteworthy regulars[edit]

  • Kelly Ripa, actress and host of Live! with Kelly
  • Jeffrey Glassman known as "Jazzy Jeff" went on to be a semi successful DJ in South Jersey.
  • Bobby Catalano was the man with the shades who would only remove his trademark sunglasses once a year on the Valentine's Day show. He was a very popular dancer and host.
  • Bruce Williams, who was known as "Beastie Bruce" because he wore a VW chain as did the Beastie Boys, had a rap collection that did well in the Philadelphia area. It was a break off of the Philadelphia rap group "Tuff Crew".
  • Dealin LaValley was a dancer on the show and went on to do Law & Order and national TV commercials. He now works as a celebrity makeup artist.
  • Heather Day was nicknamed "Princess" on the show because she was a fan of Prince and could be seen wearing dresses or other outfits like an eye-patch that reflected her devotion to the singer. She would meet the singer in 1994, two years after Dance Party USA ended its run.
  • Heather Henderson known as Baby Heather on the show, is a professional burlesque dancer, singer, model, filmmaker, producer and host for Ardent Atheists and Skeptically Yours podcasts. She currently is a member of Penn Jillette's No God Band and is a vocal activist for atheism and against psychics.
  • Alvin Ramirez, known as "Spicy" now going by AL-X Spicy (recording artist)
  • Romeo King was known for his trade mark hats and roses. he would dance across the stage area hyping up and the crowd and dazzling the ladies of the show. He went on to be a professional choreographer for a number of freestyle groups from the 80s & 90s like, TKA, K7, Brenda K. Starr, Latin Rascals, The JETS. He also Road managed acts like DMX, CeCE Peniston, Crystal Waters. He was a prominent voice in the careers of Boyz II Men, AZ Yet (Az Yet Untitled)and other artist in the Philadelphia area. He is one of the founding members of All Around Entertainment one of the top Entertainment companies in the trip-state area over the last 25yrs. He is a member of sag-aftra union, musicians union local 77AF, and ASCAP union. he currently has several acting credits for film & stage performances.


On April 10, 2016, Philadelphia magazine published an article detailing a new feud between many of the people who were on Dance Party USA in their teens and the producer of the show.[1]


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