Dance Tracks Vol. 1

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Dance Tracks Vol.1
Namie Amuro - Dance Tracks.jpg
Studio album / Remix album by Namie Amuro
Released 16 October 1995
Length 55:19
Label Toshiba-EMI
Namie Amuro chronology
Dance Tracks Vol.1
Sweet 19 Blues

Dance Tracks Vol.1 is Namie Amuro's first and only album with her first record company, Toshiba-EMI. Nine days after Dance Tracks Vol.1 hit stores, she released her first Avex Trax single, "Body Feels Exit" on 25 October 1995. The album reached the top position on the Oricon charts and charted for forty-four weeks.[1]


Released three months after the final Super Monkey's' single, Dance Tracks Vol.1 could almost be classified as more of a remix album than an original album. Six out of the seven Super Monkey's singles appear on the album, all of which have been remixed. Out of the 11 tracks on the album only three were previously unreleased. The first of those three new songs kicks off the album, "Go! Go!: Yume no Hayasade." Following the trend of the last three Super Monkey's singles, it is a cover of the eurobeat song "Go Go" by DJ NRG. The other two new songs, "Get My Shinin'" and "Super Luck!" are original pop compositions.

The other members of the "Super Monkey's" appear within the artwork of the album, but are not credited with any vocals. They are also not given credit for the album. All seven original Super Monkey's single were accredited to both Amuro and the group. Following the massive success of this album and her solo debut album, Sweet 19 Blues (1996) on the avex trax label, their original record company released a "best of" compilation containing all original Super Monkey's a-sides and b-sides entitled, Original Tracks Vol.1 (1996).

In the history of Japanese Oricon albums chart, Dance Tracks Vol.1 ranked at the 88th best selling album of all time, with cumulative physical sales of over 1.8 million copies .[2] In 1996, the album was certified two million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Go! Go! ~Yume no Hayasade~"   Kayoko Ono G.Pasquini-L. Pernici Yasuhiko Hoshino 4:50
2. "Try Me: Watashi o Shinjite" (New Album Mix) Kazumi Suzuki Hinoky Team Dave Rodgers 4:04
3. "Stop the Music" (New Album Mix) Watanabe Accatino-Rimonti-Gabrielli-Gelmetti Yasuhiko Hoshino 3:51
4. "Get My Shinin'"   Watanabe Yasuhiko Hoshino Yasuhiko Hoshino 4:02
5. "Wagamama o Yurushite" (Groovy Mix) Neko Oikawa Minoru Komorita Minoru Komorita
Remixed by Yasuhiko Hoshino
6. "Aishite Masukatto" (Groovy Mix) Neko Oikawa Minoru Komorita Minoru Komorita
Remixed by Yasuhiko Hoshino
7. "Paradise Train" (Groovy Mix) Masao Urino Keizo Nakanishi Takao Konishi
Remixed by Yasuhiko Hoshino
8. "Dancing Junk" (Groovy Mix) Masao Urino Koji Makaino Koji Makaino
Remixed by Yasuhiko Hoshino
9. "Super Luck!"   Masumi Iizuka Yasuhiko Hoshino Yasuhiko Hoshino 3:56
10. "Heart ni Hi o Tsukete" (New Album Mix) Kazumi Suzuki Hinoky Team Dave Rodger 3:29
11. "Taiyō no Season" (New Album Mix) Kazumi Suzuki Hinoky Team Dave Rodgers 3:46
12. "Try Me: Watashi o Shinjite" (Extended version) (Bonus track) Kazumi Suzuki Hinoky Team Dave Rodgers
Edited by Takeshi "BUNTA" Matsumoto
13. "Taiyō no Season" (Salsoulike Mix) (Bonus track) Kazumi Suzuki Hinoky Team Dave Rodgers
Remixed by Satoshi Hidaka


  • Namie Amuro - vocals, background vocals
  • Producers - Masato 'Max' Masato, Yukihito Sakakibara
  • Mixing - Naoki Yamada, Yoshinori Kaji, Koji Morimoto
  • Remixing - Yasuhiko Hoshino, Satoshi Hidaka
  • Photography - Takayuki Okada
  • Art Direction - Kumiko Izumiya


Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
16 October 1995 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1[1]
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1 1,865,450 44[1]
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 21