Dance at Bougival

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Dance at Bougival
Artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Year 1883
Type Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions 181.9 by 98.1 centimetres (71.6 in × 38.6 in)
Location Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Dance at Bougival (French: La Danse à Bougival[1]) is an 1883 work by Pierre-Auguste Renoir currently in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.[2] It has been described as "one of the museum's most beloved works".[3]


The work depicts two of Renoir's friends, Suzanne Valadon and Paul Lhote.[3][4]


The painting has been described as one of Renoir's first reversions to a more classical style of painting he learned copying paintings in the Louvre while maintaining the bright palette of his fellow Impressionists.[5]



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