Dance of the Happy Shades

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Dance of the Happy Shades
First edition
AuthorAlice Munro
GenreShort story collection
PublisherRyerson Press
Publication date
Pagesxi, 224 pages (1st edition)
Awards1968 Governor General's Award

Dance of the Happy Shades is a book of short stories by Alice Munro, published by Ryerson Press in 1968.[1] It was her first collection of stories and won the 1968 Governor General's Award for English Fiction. The title of the main story is the English translation provided for the ballet in Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice when it was first presented in London.[2]


  • "Walker Brothers Cowboy"
  • "The Shining Houses" This short story is about a new neighborhood of many houses which has been built next to an old house. The owner of the older house, Mrs. Fullerton, does not take care of her property to the extent that the owners of the new houses want.
  • "Images"
  • "Thanks for the Ride"
  • "The Office"
  • "An Ounce of Cure"
  • "The Time of Death"
  • "Day of the Butterfly"
  • "Boys and Girls"
  • "Postcard"
  • "Red Dress—1946"
  • "Sunday Afternoon"
  • "A Trip to the Coast"
  • "The Peace of Utrecht"
  • "Dance of the Happy Shades"

Notes and references[edit]

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