Dance on My Grave

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Dance on My Grave
Dance on My Grave.jpg
First edition cover
Author Aidan Chambers
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Dance Sequence
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Bodley Head
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 256
ISBN 978-0-370-30366-6
Preceded by Breaktime
Followed by Now I Know

Dance on My Grave: a life and a death in four parts, one hundred and seventeen bits, six running reports and two press clippings, with a few jokes, a puzzle or three, some footnotes and a fiasco now and then to help the story along is a 1982 young adult novel by British author Aidan Chambers. It is the second book in the Dance Sequence series.

It tells the story of a British teenager named Henry Robinson, detailing the events that led to his dancing on the grave of his slightly older friend, Barry Gorman, with whom Robinson had a love affair.[1]

It was one of the first few young adult books published by a major publisher that depicts homosexuality[2][3] without being judgmental and was included on ALA's[4] and other libraries'[5] list of books for gay teens. It has also been referred to in a number of books on children and young adult literature.[6][7][8]

Because of its gay-positive theme, it was challenged at the Montgomery County Memorial Library System in 2004 by the Library Patrons of Texas.[9]


Dance on My Grave has been translated into at least 9 other languages in both Asia and Europe.[10]


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