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Dance To The Radio
Dttr logo 2017 2nd.jpg
Parent companyFuturesound Group
GenreIndie rock
Alternative rock
Country of originUnited Kingdom

Dance To The Radio is a British independent record label, based in Leeds, England.


It was named after the refrain of the Joy Division song "Transmission". The label launched with the release of a compilation album 'Dance To The Radio: Leeds' at an eponymous launch event in Leeds in March 2005.[1]

The label subsequently released some 7" singles by the likes of iLiKETRAiNS, The Pigeon Detectives, Yes Boss, Napoleon IIIrd, This Et Al and ¡Forward, Russia!. They have been featured a number of times in NME,[2] Drowned in Sound[3] and in Artrocker for being a notable success of the DIY ethic in the indie music scene at the moment.

Their first full scale single release was Twelve by ¡Forward, Russia! which reached number 36 in the UK Singles Chart. Their second release, again by ¡Forward, Russia!, was a re-release of limited edition debut single "Nine" which also became a top 40 hit. Since these, three more ¡Forward, Russia! singles have been released; "Eighteen", "Nineteen" and "Don't Be A Doctor" the latter of which was a limited White Label Release. The label went on to achieve great success with The Pigeon Detectives. Other early releases include singles from Yes Boss, Sky Larkin, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames, Bobby Cook and Grammatics.

The label have released EPs for bands like iLiKETRAiNS and Napoleon IIIrd, a number of compilations, and numerous albums.

In 2009 the label launched a new series of compilation 12" records entitled 4x12".[4] Amongst the bands appearing on this series of records included Pulled Apart by Horses, Das Racist, Paul Thomas Saunders, Holy State, Bear Hands & Suckers. The 3rd in the series received critical acclaim from NME, Drowned in Sound[5] and Artrocker. This was followed by releases in 2010 for Elinor Rose Dougall and Leeds post-punk-noise band Holy State.

2011 saw the release of The Pigeon Detectives third album 'Up Guards and At 'Em!'. The fourth Pigeon Detectives record 'We Met at Sea' was licensed by Dance to the Radio to Cooking Vinyl for release in 2013.

After 2011 the Record Label carried on running a stage at Leeds Festival until returning in 2017 as a Record Label (working with The Orchard / Sony Label Services) a Publishing Entity (in partnership with Sentric Music Publishing) and an Artist Management arm of The Futuresound Group in Leeds.[6] Releasing new music for The Pigeon Detectives,[7] and picking up new UK acts FLING, Dead Naked Hippies, Far Caspian, Tallsaint, Leo Cosmos, Low Hummer and Jake Whiskin.[8]

Dance To The Radio Stage at Leeds Festival[edit]

Since 2007 Dance To The Radio have hosted a stage at Leeds Festival. Held on the BBC Introducing Stage band who have played the stage include Wild Beasts, Blood Red Shoes, Dinosaur Pile-Up, The Pigeon Detectives, Bear In Heaven, Chickenhawk (now Hawk Eyes), Spectrals, Young Knives, Dog Is Dead, Dutch Uncles, Hookworms, ¡Forward, Russia!, Sky Larkin and more. The stage is hosted on the Thursday evening and is the only stage with live music on this day.

2007 Line Up

¡Forward, Russia!, Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames, Sky Larkin, The Wallbirds, Grammatics

2008 Line Up

Grammatics, Broken Records, The Pigeon Detectives (Secret Set), The Wallbirds, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Wintermute

2009 Line Up

Blood Red Shoes, Wild Beasts, Bear Hands, Airship, Holy State

2010 Line Up

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Bear In Heaven, Chickenhawk, Spectrals, The Neat

2011 Line Up

Young Knives, Dog Is Dead, We Are Losers, Runaround Kids, Blacklisters

2012 Line Up

Little Comets, Various Cruelties, Scars On 45, China Rats, Likely Lads

2013 Line Up

Dutch Uncles, Hookworms, The Crookes, Black Moth, Menace Beach

2014 Line Up

TOY, Superfood, Honeyblood, Fryars, Post War Glamour Girls

2015 Line Up

Pulled Apart By Horses, The Bohicas, VITAMIN, Carnabells, Redfaces

2016 Line Up

Blood Red Shoes, The Wytches, Freak, Blackwaters, Forever Cult

2017 Line Up

The Pigeon Detectives, High Tyde, FLING, Marsicans, Dead Naked Hippies

2018 Line Up

The Blinders, Anteros, Boy Azooga, Tallsaint, Far Caspian

2019 Line Up

Easy Life, Whenyoung, Indoor Pets, BILK, DJ Jacky P


Catalogue No. Release Type Release Date Artist Title
DTTR001 Split Single 28-Mar-05 Forward Russia / This Et Al Nine / He Shoots Presidents
DTTR002 Compilation 03-Nov-05 Various Dancetotheradio: Leeds
DTTR003 Single 23-May-05 The Lodger Many thanks for your honest opinion
DTTR004 Single 27-Jun-05 Napoleon IIIrd Napoleon IIIrd
DTTR005 Single 04-Jul-05 I Like Trains Before the Curtains Close
DTTR006 Single 12-Jan-06 Forward Russia Twelve
DTTR007 Compilation 27-Feb-06 Various What we all want
DTTR008 Single 20-Mar-06 The Pigeon Detectives I'm not Sorry
DTTR009 Single 09-Apr-06 Yes Boss Get Dropped Quick
DTTR010 Single 10-Apr-06 Shut your eyes & you'll burst into flames Signal Noise
DTTR011 Single 30-Apr-06 Forward Russia Nine
DTTR012 Album 14-May-16 Forward Russia Give me a Wall
DTTR014 Single 11-Jun-06 Yes Boss More or Less
DTTR015 Single 17-Jul-06 The Pigeon Detectives You know I love you
DTTR016 Single 23-Jul-06 Forward Russia Eighteen
DTTR017 Single 15-Oct-06 Shut your eyes & you'll burst into flames Drop the Decade
DTTR019 Single 22-Oct-06 Yes Boss Tongues in Knots
DTTR018 Single 06-Nov-06 The Pigeon Detectives I Found Out
DTTR021 Single 12-Nov-06 Forward Russia Nineteen
DTTR022 Single 14-Jan-07 Voltage Union On your marks
DTTR023 Single 22-Jan-07 Sky Larkin One of Two
DTTR024 Single 28-Jan-07 Yes Boss See it Through
DTTR020 Album 04-Feb-07 Yes Boss Look Busy
DTTR025 White Label 12-Feb-07 Forward Russia Don't be a Doctor
DTTR026 EP 25-Feb-07 The Pigeon Detectives Romantic Type
DTTR027 Single 07-Mar-07 Sometree Hands and arrows
DTTR028 Compilation 01-Apr-07 Various Something I learned Today
DTTR031 Single 08-May-07 The Scare Bats! Bats! Bats!
DTTR029 EP 20-May-07 The Pigeon Detectives I'm not Sorry
DTTR030 Album 27-May-07 The Pigeon Detectives Wait for Me
DTTR033 Single 30-Jul-07 Bobby Cook Deja Vu
DTTR034 EP 12-Aug-07 The Pigeon Detectives Take her Back
DTTR035 Compilation 01-Oct-07 Various Out of the Woods and Trees
DTTR037 Single 15-Oct-07 Sky Larkin Molten / Keepsakes
DTTR038 Single 22-Oct-07 Grammatics Shadow Committee
DTTR040 EP 12-Nov-07 The Pigeon Detectives I Found Out
DTTR039 Single 02-Dec-07 The Wallbirds The Avenue
DTTR041 Single 07-Apr-08 Grammatics D.I.L.E.M.M.A
DTTR043 Single 11-May-08 The Pigeon Detectives This is an Emergency
DTTR044 Album 25-May-08 The Pigeon Detectives Emergency
DTTR045 Single 27-Jul-08 The Pigeon Detectives Everybody wants me
DTTR042 Free Download 01-Aug-08 Grammatics A New Franchise
DTTR047 Single 19-Oct-08 The Pigeon Detectives Say it like you mean it
DTTR048 Single 16-Nov-08 Grammatics The Vague Archive
DTTR049 Single 15-Mar-09 Grammatics The Shadow Committee
DTTR050 Album 22-Mar-09 Grammatics Grammatics
DTTR051 EP 04-May-09 Various 4 x 12" Volume 1
EP 26-Jul-09 Grammatics The Murderer EP
DTTR052 EP 26-Jul-09 Various 4 x 12" Volume 2
DTTR055 Single 27-Sep-09 Grammatics Double Negative
DTTR050 Album 26-Oct-09 Grammatics Grammatics (Extended version)
DTTR054 EP 26-Oct-09 Various 4 x 12" Volume 3
DTTR056 EP 08-Feb-10 Various 4 x 12" Volume 4
DTTR057 Single 04-Apr-10 Rose Elinor Dougall Find Me Out
DTTR058 Compilation 17-Apr-10 Various Still Occupied though you forget
DTTR061 EP 11-Jul-10 Holy State Holy State - EP
Single 21-Nov-10 Holy State Medicine Hat / Sultan of Sentiment
DTTR064 Single 04-Apr-11 The Pigeon Detectives Done in Secret
DTTR065 Album 01-Apr-11 The Pigeon Detectives Up guards and at 'em
DTTR066 EP 16-Apr-11 Various (Brew Records) Split 10"
DTTR069 Single 17-Jul-11 We Are Losers Sunset Song / Cheerleader
DTTR070 Single 12-Aug-11 The Pigeon Detectives Lost
Label Re-Launch
DTTR075 Album 24-Feb-17 The Pigeon Detectives Broken Glances
DTTR076 Compilation 22-Apr-17 Various 4 x 12" Volume 5
DTTR078 Album 26-May-17 The Pigeon Detectives Wait For Me (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
DTTR079 Single 07-Jul-17 FLING Just A Dog
DTTR080 Single 28-Jul-17 Dead Naked Hippies I Can't Wait
DTTR081 Single 18-Aug-17 FLING Annie
DTTR082 EP 22-Sep-17 Dead Naked Hippies Dead Naked Hippies EP
DTTR083 Single 06-Oct-17 FLING That's Nice
DTTR084 Single 19-Jan-18 FLING Bad Day
DTTR085 Single 13-Feb-18 GRDNS Night Dance
DTTR086 Single 02-Mar-18 FLING Banjo Billy
DTTR087 EP 13-Apr-18 FLING The Legend of Banjo Billy EP
DTTR088 Single 20-Mar-18 GRDNS Juniper
DTTR089 Single 23-Apr-18 Tallsaint I'm a Woman (After All)
DTTR090 Single 03-May-18 GRDNS Roulette Love Gun
DTTR091 Single 19-Jun-18 Far Caspian Holding On
DDTR092 Single 13-Jun-18 FLING Extra Special
DTTR093 Single 26-Jun-18 Far Caspian Let's Go Outside
DTTR094 Single 04-Jul-18 Tallsaint Touch
DTTR095 Single 21-Aug-18 Far Caspian The Place
DTTR096 Single 04-Oct-18 GRDNS Venus
DTTR097 Single 27-Sep-18 FLING Je T'aime
DTTR098 Single 10-Oct-18 Far Caspian Blue
DTTR099 Single 06-Nov-18 GRDNS Hydraulic Lover
DTTR100 EP 19-Nov-18 Far Caspian Between Days EP
DTTR101 Album 22-Feb-19 FLING Fling or Die
DTTR103 Single 05-Feb-19 Far Caspian Conversations
DTTR104 Single 19-Feb-19 Tallsaint Warm Skin
DTTR106 Single 26-Mar-19 Far Caspian A Dream Of You
DTTR107 Single 26-Apr-19 Tallsaint Hard Love
DTTR108 Single 02-May-19 Far Caspian Astoria
DTTR110 Single 13-Jun-19 Tallsaint Skin Deep
DTTR111 EP 18-Jun-19 Far Caspian The Heights EP
DTTR112 EP 15-Jul-19 Tallsaint Hard Love EP
DTTR113 Single 12-Sep-19 Leo Cosmos Alibis
DTTR114 Single 06-Aug-19 Leo Cosmos Take My Chances
DTTR115 Single 17-Sep-19 Low Hummer Don't You Ever Sleep
DTTR116 Single 01-Oct-19 Big City Beach King Of The French Kiss
DTTR117 Single 24-Oct-19 Low Hummer I Choose Live News
DTTR118 Single 02-Oct-19 Far Caspian Conversations (Alternative Version)
DTTR119 Single 06-Nov-19 Tallsaint Model Effect
DTTR120 Single 07-Nov-19 FLING One Day
DTTR121 Single 19-Nov-19 Jake Whiskin Dark Days
DTTR123 Single 28-Nov-19 FLING Flingle Bells
DTTR124 Single 10-Dec-19 Far Caspian July
DTTR125 EP 02-Dec-19 GRDNS Love EP
DTTR126 Single 26-Nov-19 Big City Beach Dirty Northern Rain
DTTR127 Single 20-Feb-20 Jake Whiskin Electric
DTTR128 Single 06-Feb-20 Low Hummer The Real Thing
DTTR130 Single 11-Feb-20 Leo Cosmos Infinite
DTTR131 Single 03-Mar-20 FLING Windmill
DTTR132 Single 26-Feb-20 Tallsaint Feel Like Myself
DTTR133 Single 10-03-20 Far Caspian Today
DTTR134 Single 23-Apr-20 FLING Let's Stay In
DTTR135 Single 19-May-20 Low Hummer Picture Bliss
DTTR136 Single 2-June-20 Big City Beach Let Go Of The Line
DTTR137 Single 19-May-20 Leo Cosmos Mr Pink
DTTR138 Single 23-June-20 Jake Whiskin All Of The Damage Done
DTTR139 Single 19-August-20 Jake Whiskin Breakneck Speed
DTTR140 Single 08-September-20 Low Hummer Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)
DTTR143 Single 03-November-20 Low Hummer Take Arms
DTTR144 EP 25-September-20 Jake Whiskin All of the Damage Done EP
DTTR145 Single 12-November-20 Far Caspian Warning Sign
DTTR141 Single 26-January-21 Jake Whiskin Slow Motion
DTTR146 Single 4-February-21 Low Hummer Never Enough
DTTR148 Single 22-April-21 Jake Whiskin Heavy
DTTR153 Single 20-May-21 Low Hummer The People, This Place
DTTR149 Single 10-June-21 Jake Whiskin Running On Fumes
DTTR151 EP 22-July-21 Jake Whiskin Slow Motion EP
DTTR153 Single 29-July-21 Low Hummer Human Behaviour
DTTR156 Single 18-Aug-21 Ellur Moments
DTTR146 Album 17-Sept-21 Low Hummer Modern Tricks For Living LP
DTTR157 Single 29-Sept-21 Ellur Burn It All Down
DTTR158 Single 10-Nov-21 Ellur Migraine

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