Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix

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Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix
E-ROTIC Megamix.jpg
Remix album by E-Rotic
Released 27 September 2000[1]
Genre Electronic music[1]
Trance music[1]
Euro house[1]
Length 74:00[2]
Language English
Label EMI Music Japan[2]
Producer David Brandes
E-Rotic Japan chronology
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix
Sexual Healing
E-Rotic chronology
Gimme Gimme Gimme/Missing You
(2000) String Module Error: Match not found2000
Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix
(2000) String Module Error: Match not found2000
Sex Generation
(2001) String Module Error: Match not found2001

Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix, or simply called E-Rotic Megamix is a remix album released in 2000 by German dance band E-Rotic.


The album contains 20 remixes of previously released songs, the five new songs "Cat's Eye", "En Mon Coeur", "Move Me Baby", "Ooh Lalala" and "Test My Best" with 1 remix of the new song "Cat's Eye". The tracks 1-25 are mixed into a non-stop megamix and track 26, the bonus remix "Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix)" is a separate song. This makes it the only full song. However "Test My Best" later appeared on E-Rotic's 2001 studio album Sexual Healing, while the full versions of "Cat's Eye", "En Mon Coeur", "Move Me Baby" and "Ooh Lalala" later appeared on E-Rotic's third compilation album "The Collection". "Cat's Eye" is a cover version of Anri and "Gotta Get It Groovin'" is a cover version of IQ-Check. The megamix compiles songs from all previous major releases and the both female vocalists Lyane Leigh and Lydia Madajewski. While most of the remixed previously released songs kept their original eurodance style, the 5 new songs as well as the remix of the new song Cat's Eye are trance or J-Pop songs. The remixes of Oh Nick Please Not So Quick, Wild And Strong and Help Me Dr. Dick are house remixes. No singles were released from the album.

Track list[edit]

  1. Turn Me On – 2:50
  2. Dynamite – 2:33
  3. Cat's Eye – 3:32
  4. Sex on the Phone – 3:06
  5. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme – 2:11
  6. Do It All Night – 2:54
  7. Fritz Love My Tits – 2:56
  8. Willy Use a Billy... Boy – 3:22
  9. Temple Of Love – 2:05
  10. Help Me Dr. Dick – 1:51
  11. Gotta Get It Groovin' – 2:13
  12. Kiss Me – 2:20
  13. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex – 2:20
  14. In The Heat Of The Night – 2:46
  15. Missing You – 2:53
  16. Oh Nick Please Not So Quick – 2:15
  17. Fred Come to Bed – 2:47
  18. Get Away – 1:53
  19. In The Dark Of The Night – 2:33
  20. Wild And Strong – 1:54
  21. The Winner Takes It All – 3:17
  22. En Mon Coeur – 4:36
  23. Move Me Baby – 4:02
  24. Ooh Lalala – 3:04
  25. Test My Best – 4:42

Bonus track[edit]

  1. Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix) – 3:40