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Danceroid at J-Pop Summit Festival 2011.jpg
Danceroid at J-Pop Summit Festival 2011
Background information
Origin Japan
Genres Pop, dance
Years active 2009 (2009) – 2014 (2014)
Members Ikura (leader)
Motomiya Marie
Past members Minka Lee
Kozue Aikawa

Danceroid (stylized as DANCEROID) was a Japanese female net idol dance group affiliated with Beautiful Group talent agency. They were formed in October 2009 when they posted a video of themselves dancing to a Vocaloid song on the Nico Nico Community Group.[1] On July 26, 2014, DANCEROID disbanded as per the wishes of the current members. This was announced on the front page of their official website, as the contracts for all the members will lapse on this date.[2][3]



  • Ikura (いとくとら?, Ikura, born August 28, 1989) (2009–2014): Leader[4]
  • Maam (まぁむ?, Maamu, born December 9, 1989) (2011–2014)[5]
  • Yuzuki (柚姫?, born July 18, 1991) (2011–2014)[6]
  • Motomiya Marie (本宮麻里絵?, born April 26, 1991) (2012–2014)[7]
  • Yakko (やっこ?, born September 28, 1995) (2012–2014)[8]
  • Manako (まなこ?, born March 3, 1996) (2012–2014)[9]
  • Satsuki (さつき?, born October 16, 1994) (2012–2014)[10]


  • Minka Lee (ミンカ・リー?, Minka Rī, born November 11) (2009-2011)
  • Coco (ここ?, Koko, born February 14) (2010-2011)
  • Aikawa Kozue (愛川 こずえ?, Aikawa Kozue, born October 25, 1991) (2009-2012)[11]


Danceroid started in 2009 with Ikura, Kozue Aikawa and Minka Lee. On December 29 of that year, they released their self-titled debut DVD. In 2010, after Minka left the group, Coco, Maam and Yuzuki won auditions to become new members. After Coco left the group in 2011, Danceroid continued to perform as a quartet.

In 2012, Aikawa starred as the clumsy café maid Kozu Kozu in the Super Sentai parody series Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. Ikura and the other members have also appeared in some episodes of the series.

On June 3, 2012, Aikawa announced that she would leave Danceroid at the end of August, due to her physical condition making it hard to participate in Danceroid activities.[12][13] Aikawa officially graduated from Danceroid at a live performance at Nicofarre in Roppongi, Tokyo, on September 1, 2012, broadcast online on Nico Nico Douga.[14]

With Aikawa's graduation, Ikura is the only remaining founding member still active in Danceroid. After Aikawa's graduation, 3rd generation auditions were held, which the current three members participated in. Fans voted for several days, Ikura, Maam, and Yuzuki were able to keep their places as members and on November 17, 2012 Motomiya Marie, Yakko, Manako, and Satsuki won auditions to become 3rd generation members. They left Heartfull Entertainment and joined T-INFINITY ENTERTAINMENT and released "DANCEROID LIVE DVD~Girls Be Ambitious!~".

On April 27, 2013, they released their first single "Dancing Day, Dancing Night" internationally on the iTunes Store.

On July 26, 2014 they decided to disband.

On October 24, 2014, Ikura, Yuzuki, Maam, Yakko and Manako started a new idol group called Q'ulle.[15]


  • MTP Yumiko (Megu Megu ☆ Fire ー Endless Night, Jounetsu wo Upload, HAKUMEI, China Cyber -@Uo Ai Ni, Poker Face, Twinkle×Twinkle, Shakariki Only One, Distorted Princess, Melting Snowman's Love Song, Girls be Ambitious!, Emo Love)
  • Junko☆ from GALAXXXXXY★ (galaxias!, BOY MEETS GIRL, Crazy ∞ nighT, EZ DO DANCE)
  • Melochin (Baby Maniacs, Super Neko World)
  • BoopBoopBeeDoop (Dream Meltic Halloween)
  • Kozue (FirstKiss!, Lily Lily ★ Burning Night, Luka Luka ★ Night Fever)
  • Ikura (Miracle∞Hinacle)
  • Ikura, Kozue, Maam and Yuzuki (IA IA ★ Night of Desire)
  • Manako (Kami no Manimani)


Danceroid performing at Anime Expo 2011


  • DANCEROID 1st DVD (December 29, 2009)
  • DANCEROID 2nd DVD (April 16, 2011)
  • DANCEROID 3rd DVD (April 16, 2011)
  • DANCEROID LIVE DVD~Girls Be Ambitious!~ (June 3, 2012)


  • Danceroid: Official Sound Track (April 16, 2011)


  • Dancing Day, Dancing Night (April 27, 2013)


  • Anime House Best Mix featuring Danceroid (November 24, 2010)




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