Dances with Dragon

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Dances with Dragon
Blu-ray disc cover
MandarinYǔ Lóng Gòng Wǔ
CantoneseJyu2 Lung4 Gung6 Mou2
Directed byWong Jing
Produced byJimmy Heung
Screenplay byWong Jing
StarringAndy Lau
Sharla Cheung
Deanie Ip
Ng Man-tat
Music byLowell Lo
Sherman Chow
CinematographyJoe Chan
Edited byRobert Choi
Distributed byGolden Harvest
Release date
19 December 1991 (1991-12-19)
Running time
107 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$20,498,920

Dances with Dragon is a 1991 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Wong Jing and starring Andy Lau and Sharla Cheung.


Lung Ka Chun is a business tycoon in charge of the Lung's Enterprise who is forced into marriage by his mother. During one time when he was going out to the sea on his yacht, his younger cousin Diana Kung pushed him down the sea and was mistaken to be an illegal immigrant from mainland China by Lantau Island police officer Uncle Prawn and chases him. While Lung was running away, he goes up on a roof and falls down and meets Moon, who was taking a bath at that time. Moon's mother Aunt Eleven also mistakes Lung as an illegal immigrant and takes him under wing to work as a cheap labor.

With Lung absent, Lung's older cousin Martin Kung takes this advantage to cooperate with rival enterprise company to develop land. At this time, Lung becomes a swindler with Aunt Eleven swindling tourists, but they did not expect that the tourists were actually triad members which then Aunt Eleven becomes threatened. Moon mistakes Lung to a member of a criminal organization from China and finds Lung for help to negotiate. In order for Lung to gain Uncle Prawn's trust, he called his assistant Uncle Fly to sing a Cantonese opera as a sign to Uncle Prawn. Uncle Prawn leads his group of police officers posing as a group of criminals from China to threaten and torture the triads. Through the torture, the triads reveal that the mastermind behind this is Lung Ka Chun while Lung was being impersonated by somebody.

Aunt Eleven and Moon decides to go to the Lung Enterprise to find Lung and while Lung was following them, he learns of his cousin's conspiracy. Lung returns to his mansion and intends to hold a Charity Ball to expose his cousin's conspiracy while also looking forward for Moon to dance with the dragon with him.


  • Andy Lau as Lung Ka Chun
  • Sharla Cheung as Moon Chan
  • Deanie Ip as Aunt Eleven
  • Ng Man-tat as Uncle Fly
  • Alfred Cheung as Martin Kung
  • May Lo as Charmy
  • Yvonne Yung as Diana Kung
  • Wu Ma as Uncle Prawn
  • Lee Heung-kam as Mrs. Lung
  • Paul Chu as Chu Chi Keung / Tomato
  • Pal Sin as Mr. Sze / Mr. Messy
  • Chan Hiu Ying as Mary
  • Pau Hon Lam as Chau Tai Pang
  • John Ching as Ng Oi Kong
  • Wong Yat Fei as Chung
  • Wong Hung as Elevem's mahjong friend
  • Bill Lung as Brother Fat
  • Ha Kwok Wing as Fat's gangster
  • Ridley Tsui as Fat's gangster
  • Lau Sing Kwong as Fat's gangster
  • Wan Seung Lam as Fat's gangster
  • Tam Wai Man as Fat's gangster
  • Chan Yuet Yue as Judy Ma
  • Lawrence Lau as man outside Judy Ma's boutique
  • Ho Chi Moon as auctioner at banquet
  • Fung Kam Hung as chauffeur
  • Steve Brettingham as fitness coach
  • Fung Man Kwong as Uncle Slimmy
  • Ng Kwok Kin as policeman


Theme song[edit]

  • Dance with the Dragon (與龍共舞)
    • Composer: Lowell Lo
    • Lyricist: Siu Mei
    • Singer: Cally Kwong

Sub theme song[edit]

  • Kiss Me Again (再吻我吧) (Cantonese) / Forget this Life (把今生忘掉) (Mandarin)
    • Composer: Wong Hing Yuen
    • Lyricist: Andy Lau (Cantonese), Tse Ming Fan (Mandarin)
    • Singer: Andy Lau

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