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World Championships have been held in the Smooth section of ballroom dancing since they were organised by the National Dance Council of America in 2005.

American Smooth dancing covers the dances waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz.

World Champions[edit]

World Professional Smooth

Ballroom Dance / Dancesport Champions

2005 Nicholas Kosovich & Lena Kosovich United States U.S.A.
2006 Ben Ermis & Shalene Archer-Ermis United States U.S.A.
2007 Tomas Mielnicki & Jennifer Damalas United States U.S.A.
2008 Jonathan Roberts & Valentina Kostenko[1] United States U.S.A.
2009 Tomas Mielnicki & Jennifer Damalas United States U.S.A.
2010-2013 Slawek Sochacki & Marzena Stachura United States U.S.A.
2014-2015 Peter Perzhu & Alexandra Perzhu United States U.S.A.
2016 Nick Cheremukhin & Viktorija United States U.S.A.

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