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The Dancing Ferret entertainment group is an unofficial collective name for Dancing Ferret Discs and Dancing Ferret Concerts. It was started by Patrick Rodgers (a.k.a. DJ Ferret) (a.k.a. Fangdaddy) in 1995 with the formation of Dancing Ferret Concerts. The company markets bands from the gothic rock, heavy metal, alternative rock, neo-Medieval, trip hop, and industrial genres of music. In July 2008, Dancing Ferret Discs made the decision to cease releasing new material on their label starting in November of that year. However, they stated that they would continue to distribute all of their previous releases. The label's last official new release was "It Is Useless To Resist Us," a DVD package by Information Society.

Dancing Ferret Discs[edit]

Dancing Ferret Discs is a Philadelphia-based record label started in August 1998. It is the record label "sister company" of Dancing Ferret, and hosts a plethora of well-known bands in the alternative scene. While the label is no longer signing new bands or releasing new material, a partial list of bands that were previously signed to DFD includes:

Some of these bands were signed to Dancing Ferret's sublabel, Noir Records, which focuses on less club-oriented fare.

Dancing Ferret Concerts[edit]

Dancing Ferret Concerts produces concerts, club events and DJ dance nights in the City of Philadelphia. Its weekly party, "Nocturne," was the longest running club night of any kind in Philadelphia, having run continuously since its debut in January 1996. Nocturne ceased its weekly event on August 1, 2012 at a different venue than it had been home to.[1]

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