Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2

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This article is about the North American Xbox 360 release. For the European Xbox 360 release, see Dancing Stage Universe 2.
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 cover art.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Series Dance Dance Revolution
Engine Custom
Platform(s) Xbox 360
  • NA: January 18, 2008 (Game only)[4]
Genre(s) Music, Exercise
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer, Online play

Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2, sometimes abbreviated as Universe 2, is a music video game for the North American Xbox 360. Released by Konami Digital Entertainment on December 4, 2007,[1][2][3] Universe 2 is a sequel to Dance Dance Revolution Universe released earlier the same year. Universe 2 features a large soundtrack with songs ranging from the 1970s to today, new modes of gameplay designed for newcomers including Freestyle Mode which allows players to dance without needing to step on any arrows, Quest Mode where players build a dancing character and travel from location to location in a virtual world facing off against other dancers, and downloadable content through the Xbox Live service.[1] The game was released in Europe with a different set of songs as Dancing Stage Universe 2.


Downloadable Song Pack[edit]

Universe 2 Megapack:

  • Catch it! - TOTAL SCIENCE
  • Himawari - Riyu from BeForU
  • jelly kiss - Togo Project feat. Sana
  • Love This Feelin' (ZONK Remix) - Akira Yamaoka
  • Moment 40 - Moshic
  • Put Your Faith In Me (Saturday Night Mix) - UZI-LAY
  • Toe Jam - Big Idea


Songs with a padlock next to them have to be unlocked after certain conditions are met in the game.


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