Dancing Turtle Records

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Dancing Turtle Records
Founded 2005
Founder Dominic Brown
Genre Alternative, experimental, indie, folk, electronica, world
Country of origin UK
Location London
Official website http://www.dancingturtle.co.uk

Dancing Turtle Records is a London-based independent record label set up in 2005. Their releases have a strong leaning towards the genres of indie folk, electronica, experimental, downtempo and world music.[1]

The label has developed and released music from a number of artists from Europe, and as far afield as Japan, West Papua and Brazil, under the banner "music acts without prejudice".[2] The label has raised funds and awareness for human rights charities and other causes.[3]

The label is part of the Dancing Turtle Group; this also incorporates the Dancing Turtle Media and Dancing Turtle Films divisions.[4]


Amycanbe - Italian indie-folk group
Burn Paper Tigers - British experimental lo-fi folk group
Daisuke Tanabe - Japanese electronica producer
Head and Neck Sessions - UK leftfield jazz & electronica group
Inkliing - British experimental electronica producer
Laura Baker - Irish folk singer
Paradise Found - British folk and electronica collective
The Lani Singers - West Papuan folk duo and political activists
[5] Yellowtail - New York based electronica artist

Music events[edit]

The label have held artist showcase events in London at venues including the famous 12 Bar Club and Notting Hill Arts Club, featuring a range of musicians from the label. They have also organised fundraising music events for the Free West Papua Campaign, featuring live acts and DJs. These nights are named after the Malay word merdeka (freedom).

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