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A tamed bear in Pushkar
Dancing bear in Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche

A tame bear, often called a dancing bear, is a wild bear that is captured when the animal is young, though some of them are born and bred in captivity. Although dancing bears are still used as tourist attractions in many parts of the world, the practice has come under increasing criticism from animal rights advocates.


Such acts are criticised by the animal rights advocacy organisation PETA[1]


As of December 2009, officials have freed all of the remaining dancing bears.[2]

Middle East[edit]

Romani people from Saudi Arabia traditionally poached Syrian brown bear cubs from mountainous regions of Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq.


Siberian tribal peoples capture cubs for use as dancing bears. This practice continues to this day.


In 2007, incidents of dancing bears used as street entertainment in Spain caused public outcry.[3]

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