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Dancing on Ice in the Netherlands and Belgium is broadcast by the Dutch TV channel RTL 4 and the Belgian TV channel VTM and hosted by Martijn Krabbe and Francesca Vanthielen.[1] The members of the jury are: Joan Haanappel, Sjoukje Dijkstra, Thierry Smits, Katrien Pauwels and Jeroen Prins. The format derives from the British TV programme Strictly Come Dancing; this version uses the same name as the American one.


Famous Dutchman Partner Out Skate-Off Loss From
Babette van Veen (Actress) Thomas Hopman 3 September 2006 John Williams
Bert Kuizenga (Tv Presenter) Chouw Lan-Chan 27 August 2006 Babette van Veen
Froukje de Both (Radio DJ, actress) Vitaly Baranov 15 October 2006 Lost the final against Staf Coppens
John Williams(Tv-Presenter) Melanie Carrington
Wendy van Dijk (Tv-Presenter) Ruben Reus 1 October 2006 Froukje de Both
Famous Belgian Partner Out Skate-Off Loss From
Kelly Pfaff (Daughter of Jean-Marie Pfaff) Andrei Lipanov 15 October 2006 Out in the semi-final
Staf Coppens (Tv-Presenter) Monique Van der Velden WINNER OF DANCING ON ICE 2006
Pascale Naessens (Wife of Paul Jambers) Franck Levier 17 September 2006 Froukje de Both
Luc Appermont (Tv-Presenter) Ellen Mareels 10 September 2006 Pascale Naessens
Wim Soutaer (Singer,3rd Idool 2003) Joëlle Bastiaanse 24 September 2006 Wendy van Dijk


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