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Dandi Daley Mackall
Occupation Author

Dandi Daley Mackall is an Americanauthor with around 500 of her works published for adults and children. Some of her works are the Winnie the Horse Gentler series and the Flipside Stories, The Silence of Murder, and WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE, A Novel based on the stories and letters of her parents, Army doctor and Army nurse in WW2 as well as many others. She collaborated with Sigmund Brouwer and Melody Carlson to take part in creating the Degrees of Guilt series and then with Jeff Nesbit and Melody Carlson in the Degrees of Betrayal series. Other animal series include Backyard Horses, Starlight Animal Rescue, and Bob the Horse, and I Can Read series.

~ Biography ~ Mackall started her writing career when at ten-years old she entered and won her first writing contest in 1959. Her paper was titled "Why I Want to be Batboy for the Kansas City A's". Since then she has published over 450 books for adults, teens, and children. She now lives with her husband, Joe, in Ohio. They have three children: Jen, Katy, and Dan. Mackall continues to appear on radio broadcasts, and has made several appearances on TV as well.

The Silence of Murder won the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery of 2012. Larger-Than-Life Lara was a finalist for the William Allen White Award, Kentucky Bluegrass Award, and the Delaware Diamond. Ms. Mackall won the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Missouri and the Helen Keating Ott Award for Distinguished Contribution to Children's Literature. Her novel, My Boyfriends' Dogs, was turned into a Hallmark movie and became the most-watched original Hallmark movie of 2014.[citation needed]


Children's books[edit]

  1. A Girl Named Dan (ISBN 9781585363513)
  2. Rudy Rides the Rails
  3. The Legend of Ohio
  4. Dandelion Rhymes
  5. Seeing Stars
  6. In the Beginning
  7. Who's a Goblin?
  8. Are We There Yet?
  9. Silent Dreams
  10. First Day
  11. Made For A Purpose
  12. Off To Plymouth Rock!
  13. Journey, Easter Journey!
  14. I'm Not Afraid Series
  15. A Friend From Galilee
  16. This is the Lunch that Jesus Served
  17. My Favorite Verses Series
  18. Must Be Halloween
  19. Easter is for Me
  20. Who'll Light the Chanukah Candles?
  21. Joseph King of Dreams Christmas Picture Books
  22. The Shepherd's Christmas Story

Teen's books[edit]

  1. Crazy In Love
  2. Larger Than-Life Lara
  3. Eva Underground
  4. Love Rules
  5. Maggie's Story
  6. Winnie the Horse Gentler Series
  7. Horsefeathers!
  8. Starlight Animal Rescue
  9. Blog On!
  10. Sierra's Story: Degrees of Betrayal
  11. Kyra's Story: Degrees of Guilt
  12. Career Skills Series
  13. Horse Files
  14. My Boyfriend's Dogs
  15. Backyard Horses
  16. The Silence of Murder

The Secrets of Tree Taylor

Adult's books[edit]

With Love, Wherever You Are, a Novel Maggie Love Rules

  1. Kindred Sisters
  2. Kids Say The Best Things About Life
  3. Kids Say The Best Things About God
  4. Kids Are Still Saying the Darndest Things
  5. Kids Say the Greatest Things about God
  6. Kids Say the Cutest Things About Moms
  7. Kids Say the Cutest Things About Dads

ŋ#Why I Believe in God

  1. What Children Know About Angelsŋŋŋɪ⟨⟨iːiːiːiːiːð⟩⟩
  2. When the Answer Is No
  3. Just One of Me
  4. The Blessing Is in the Doing
  5. Kids' Rules for Life
  6. 101 Ways to Talk to God
  7. God Created Me!


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