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Dandolo family
Coat of Arms of Dandolo family
Ethnicity Venetian
Current region Italy
Place of origin Ancient Rome (claimed)
Members Enrico Dandolo (patriarch),
Enrico Dandolo,
Andrea Dandolo,
Giovanni Dandolo,
Francesco Dandolo,
Emilio Dandolo
Connected members Lorenzo Priuli (by marriage)
Pasquale Malipiero (by marriage)
Connected families Orseolo family
Sanudo family
Priuli family
Malipiero family
Distinctions Doge of Venice
Estate(s) Palazzo Dandolo,
Ca' Farsetti

Dandolo was a patrician family of the Republic of Venice, which produced several Doges of Venice. The progenitor of the family was a merchant named Domenico. The family became more successful by the beginning of the 12th century.[1]


Early members[edit]

Doge Enrico Dandolo Recruiting for the Crusade.

14th century[edit]

Venetian matapan, reign of Francesco Dandolo.

15th century[edit]

16th century[edit]

Modern family[edit]


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