Danger from the Deep

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Danger from the Deep
Dangerdeep screenshot0.png
Platform(s) Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows
Release 2003
Genre(s) Simulation game
Mode(s) Single-player, IPv6 and IPv4 Multiplayer planned

Danger from the Deep, often abbreviated as DftD, is an open-source World War II German U-boat simulation for PC, striving for technical and historical accuracy.[1]


The project was registered in 2003 on sourceforge.net and is since then developed as open source software under the GPLv2. In 2004 it reached beta status.[2] The game targets Multi-platform, supporting FreeBSD, Mac OS X,[3] Linux distributions, and Microsoft Windows by utilizing SDL and OpenGL. Hardware addressed is OpenGL 1.5 (while recommending "OpenGL 2.0 or greater"[4]) with around 256 MB of RAM, 1 GHz processor and common PC input devices (keyboard, mouse).


A Linux Journal review from 2010 received DftD quite positive.[1]

In 2004 The Wargamer recommended the game to "serious sim gamers" which should "head over to Danger from the Deep's official web site and take a look.".[2] In 2011 an Ars Technica article on the history of simulation games noted Danger from the Deep as: "These days, submarine sims [...] are kept alive by the open-source Danger from the Deep".[5]

The game was downloaded between 2003 and April 2017 1.3 million times alone from Sourceforge,[6] chip.de counted another 100,000 downloads.[7]

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