Danger from the Deep

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Danger from the Deep
Dangerdeep screenshot2.png
Platform(s) Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Simulation game
Mode(s) Single-player, IPv6 and IPv4 Multiplayer planned

Danger from the Deep, often abbreviated as DftD, is an open-source World War II German U-boat simulation striving for technical and historical accuracy.[1]


To play Danger from the Deep, a user must have a graphics card supporting OpenGL 1.5 on their computer. The game is Multi-platform, meaning that any user can play it on a machine running FreeBSD, a recent version of Mac OS X, a Linux distribution, or a supported version of Microsoft Windows, along with 256 MB of RAM and a processor with 1 GHz of speed. As with most computer games, a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and a proper audio setup is also required.

However, despite the minimum requirements listed above, higher requirements are suggested (such as "OpenGL 2.0 or greater") at the project's website.[2]

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