Dangerhouse Records

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Dangerhouse Records
Dangerhouse logo.jpeg
Founded1977 (1977)
  • David Brown
  • Pat Garrett
  • Black Randy
Defunct1980 (1980)
Country of originUnited States
LocationLos Angeles, California

Dangerhouse Records was a [1] punk music record label based in Los Angeles, California


Dangerhouse was one of the first independent labels to document the burgeoning West Coast punk rock scene.[2] Started in 1977[3][4][5] and collapsing by the end of 1980,[1][6] it was a short-lived enterprise, which nonetheless left an indelible mark on the punk rock history.[1][6]

Established by David Brown and Pat "Rand" Garrett,[1][3][4][5] both members of the punk rock band Black Randy and the Metrosquad, the company operated on a limited budget, supported by the more conventional typesetting and aerospace jobs of the founders. Black Randy himself got a day job in telemarketing and joined the effort as a business partner.[1][7]

Despite its scarce resources, Dangerhouse was notable for its production quality. They released records on many of California's finest first-wave punk bands, including X, The Eyes, The Bags, The Alley Cats, Avengers, the Weirdos, and the Dils.[2][7][8][9]

Discord, a lack of financial reward, and big label competition are cited as the reasons for the demise of the company.[7]


In its brief existence, Dangerhouse Records put out only 14 7-inch vinyl records, one LP, and one compilation 12-inch EP.[4][6][7]

Dangerhouse Records discography
Year Artist Title Format Type Catalog #
1977 Randoms "ABCD" 7" single PT-1
1977 Black Randy and the Metrosquad Trouble at the Cup 7" EP MO-721
1977 Avengers We Are the One 7" EP SFD 400
1977 The Dils 198 Seconds of The Dils 7" single SLA-268
1978 The Weirdos "We Got the Neutron Bomb" 7" single SP-1063
1978 The Alley Cats "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" 7" single LOM-22
1978 X "Adult Books" 7" single D88
1978 Black Randy and His Elite Metrosquad Idi Amin 7" EP IDI-722
1978 Howard Werth "Obsolete" 7" single DH-101
1978 The Deadbeats Kill the Hippies 7" EP IQ-29
1978 Bags "Survive" 7" single BAG 199
1979 The Eyes "TAQN" 7" single IZE-45
1979 Rhino 39 "Xerox" 7" single RH-39
1979 Black Randy and Metrosquad "I Slept in an Arcade" 7" single KY-724
1979 Black Randy and the Metrosquad Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie LP studio album PCP-725
1979 various artists Yes L.A. 12" compilation EP EW-79
2013 Sienna Nanini Pants Down Time LP studio album LAMB-01

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