Dangerous (Bill Hicks album)

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Live album by
VenueCaroline's Seaport and Village Gate, New York City
ProducerPeter Casperson
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Dangerous is the first live album by American stand-up comedian and satirist Bill Hicks, released in 1990 by Invasion Records. Much of the material was previously performed in Hicks' Sane Man special in 1989.[2]

Hicks explained the title to the Los Angeles Times by referencing a quote he attributed to Thomas Jefferson, although the veracity of the quote is not confirmed.

[Jefferson's] quote was "No idea is dangerous to society wherein that idea can be openly discussed." That's why the album is called "Dangerous," because I'm discussing drugs and things drugs do.[3]

In 1997, Rykodisc issued remastered versions of both Dangerous and its follow-up, Relentless (1992), on CD, as well as the posthumous albums Arizona Bay and Rant in E-Minor.[4]

Track listing[edit]

1."Modern Bummer"6:34
2."Flying Saucer Tour"3:21
4."We Live in a World..."10:51
5."The War on Drugs"9:14
6."Burning Issues"4:00
7."I Love My Job"1:33
8."My Parents"5:26
9."Please Do Not Disturb"7:02
10."The Vision"0:58
Total length:54:21


  • Peter Casperson – producer, executive producer
  • Matt Hathaway – engineer
  • Nancy Albino – engineer
  • Sam Smith – editing assistant
  • Joel Soyffer – mixing, editing
  • Andre Roquette – technical assistant
  • Steve Rosenthal – technical assistant
  • Hell's Kitchen Grafix – design
  • Graham Haber – cover photo
  • Bill Scheft – introduction
  • Jack Mondrus – direction


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