Dangerous Parking

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Dangerous Parking
Dangerous parking poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Peter Howitt
Produced by Richard L. Johns, Peter Howitt
Written by Peter Howitt
Starring Peter Howitt
Saffron Burrows
Sean Pertwee
Rachael Stirling
Alice Evans
Tom Conti
Music by Andre Barreau
Cinematography Zoran Veljkovic
Edited by David Barrett
Release date
  • June 2007 (2007-06) (London Film Focus)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Dangerous Parking is a 2007 drama film[1] based on the novel of the same name by Stuart Browne.


Dangerous Parking tells the story of Noah Arkwright, a cult director in the indie film world, whose life is dominated by alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.

Alcoholism and drug addiction have him firmly in their grasp - but Noah has no interest in acknowledging either until Kirstin, a reformed alcoholic, convinces him that he is heading for destruction and sets him on the path to reclaim himself.

With the help of his best friend Ray and his new girlfriend Claire, Noah attempts to get his life back together. And that is when Mother Nature deals him the cruelest blow of all.

Peter Howitt adapted the novel into a screenplay and directed the film, which he produced with Richard Johns.

Principal photography was completed on 16 November 2006; the film was completed in May 2007.

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