Dangerous Women

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This article is about the 1991 American soap opera. For the 2011 South Korean soap opera, see Dangerous Women (TV series). For the 2013 short story anthology, see Dangerous Women (anthology).
Dangerous Women
Genre Soap opera
Created by Reg Watson
Written by Scott K. Anderson
Lois Booton
Roccin Chatfield
AJ Nathan
Cindy Prial
Thom Racina
Betsy Snyder
Reg Watson
Directed by Joseph Behar
Anthony Morina
Dennis Steinmetz
Starring Valerie Wildman
Katherine Justice
Lynn Hamilton
Melanie Vincz
Maria Rangel
Kelli Vanlondersele
Composer(s) Marc Ellis
Ray Ellis
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Peter Pinnie
Reg Watson
Producer(s) Fran Calderone
Bob Crystal
Editor(s) Leigh Anne Branch
Running time 45–48 minutes
Production company(s) Central Independent Television
Distributor Reg Grundy Productions Pty. Ltd.
Original network Syndicated
Original release August 1, 1991 (1991-08-01) – January 1, 1992 (1992-01-01)

Dangerous Women is a syndicated nighttime American soap opera about a group of women who served time in prison together. It was created and written by Reg Watson and produced by Reg Grundy Productions.


Dangerous Women was based on the 1979 Australian series Prisoner which had enjoyed success in syndication on many networks around the US from late 1979 to around mid 1982. With both series created by Reg Watson, Dangerous Women initially shared many similarities with its Australian counterpart, although this became far less apparent as the series continued.

Many of the characters in Dangerous Women were based on the original characters of Prisoner: The characters of Karen Travers and Lynne Warner from the latter became Maria Trent and Holly Warner in Dangerous Women and both of their opening storylines were based on those originally shown in Prisoner. Similarly, Rita Jones's personality was based on Bea Smith, Crystal Fox shared the characteristics of nymphomaniac Marilyn Mason, and Cissie Johnson's daughter rejected her just as Mum's daughter disowned her when she was released in Prisoner.

Although many characters and storylines were clearly borrowed from Prisoner, the main character who tied the show together was Faith Cronin (Valerie Wildman), a mobster's wife. This character and storyline was unique and created especially for the new version of the series. Faith had been seriously disfigured by her mobster husband, and on leaving prison, she framed her ex-husband of murder after she staged her own death, had plastic surgery and created a new identity, becoming confident and glamorous Patricia Meadows. She bought a lakefront inn, The Cedar Lake Inn, a destination she'd loved as a child and somewhere she'd always dreamed of living once she was released from prison.

As the series progressed, the prison was seen less, as all of the characters were gradually released. They eventually took refuge at the inn and attempted to rebuild their lives together.


  • Valerie Wildman as Patricia Meadows/Faith Cronin
  • Lynn Hamilton as Cissie Johnson
  • Katherine Justice as Rita Jones/Roxy Lawrence
  • Kelli Van Londersele as Holly Warner
  • Maria Rangel as Maria Trent
  • Melanie Vincz as Crystal Fox

Airings and cancellation[edit]

Dangerous Women premiered August 7, 1991 and aired only one season. The show was syndicated on a limited basis -- WWOR-TV in New York, WPWR-TV in Chicago and KCOP-TV in Los Angeles were known to have carried the program. WDCA in Washington, DC carried the program but soon relegated it to a 2 AM time slot. In some markets, two one-hour episodes aired back to back every Wednesday night with encores on Saturday nights. It had reasonable ratings in New York, but it wasn't enough to keep the show going. It was pulled from syndication on January 1, 1992 after 52 episodes.

Several weeks before the show was officially cancelled, all six lead actresses appeared on The Richard Bey Show, a talk show that originated from WWOR. There was also a two part special of "NY At Night" (a late night talk show starring Clint Holmes). These appearances were their last attempt to keep the show on the air.


Shortly after its American cancellation, the show was broadcast on Central Television - the ITV franchise for the United Kingdom's English Midlands. It aired on Sunday and Monday nights from March 1992 replacing Prisoner in the schedule (which had finished December the previous year). All 52 episodes aired. The show was also later aired twice by cable TV station Living, in a late-night time-slot and repeated weekdays.

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