Danggali Conservation Park

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Danggali Conservation Park
South Australia
Danggali Conservation Park is located in South Australia
Danggali Conservation Park
Danggali Conservation Park
Nearest town or city Renmark
Coordinates 33°30′44″S 140°50′33″E / 33.51222°S 140.84250°E / -33.51222; 140.84250Coordinates: 33°30′44″S 140°50′33″E / 33.51222°S 140.84250°E / -33.51222; 140.84250
Established 4 November 1976 (1976-11-04)[1]
Area 484.16 km2 (186.9 sq mi)[1]
Managing authorities Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Website Danggali Conservation Park
See also Protected areas of South Australia

Danggali Conservation Park is a protected area located about 65 kilometres (40 miles) north of Renmark in South Australia. The conservation park was proclaimed under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 in 1976. In 2009, a portion of the conservation park was excised to create the Danggali Wilderness Protection Area. The conservation park is classified as an IUCN Category Ia protected area.[2][3][4]

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