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Birth nameMike Schaefer Olsen
BornCopenhagen, Denmark
GenresAmbient, Nordic folk music
Occupation(s)Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Singer
Years active2016–present

Danheim (real name Mike Schæfer Olsen; born in 1985, Brøndby, Denmark)[1] is a Danish ambient and Nordic folk musician.[2][3][4] His influences include Wardruna and Heilung.[2]

Works and Style[edit]

Olsen was born in Copenhagen in 1985 and produced mostly in the electronic genre until 2016, when a strong interest in Norse mythology led him start combining that with his music.[2] His stage name approximately means Danish Home, taken from the Old Norse language word 'heim', meaning home.[5]

Since 2016, Danheim has released seven records on his own independent label.[6] His style has been described by reviewers as 'Brian Eno doing the soundtrack for Game of Thrones'[3] or 'inspired folk music, with dark undertones'[7]. Lyrically, his music deals with such mythological tales as Hrungir's fight with Thor, the story of Fimbul Winter and much more.[7]

In his 2019 release Hringrás, Danheim recorded the last three minutes of a track using only parts of dead plants and animals, as well as some real human bones.[8]

In 2019, Danheim also contributed music to the soundtrack of three episodes from the second half of the sixth season of the History Channel series Vikings.[9] One of the actors from the show, Georgia Hirst, enjoyed Danheim's contributions to the score so much that she released a social media video praising his music.[10]

As of January 2020, his YouTube channel receives an average of 90,000 new viewers each day. He has 247,000 subscribers and over 50 million video views in total.[11]


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