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Dani Jacobs (born April 16, 1963) is a British music video director and editor.


Jacobs was born in London. He went to University of Manchester to study Physics but left to pursue his interests in Film.

He worked at The Haçienda nightclub as a resident filmmaker and VJ, creating visuals and lighting effects to project in the club space. The nascent indie scene around Factory Records and dance music scene around The Haçienda assisted his entry into music videos.

Directing career[edit]

In 1986 Jacobs formed Swivel[1] with three other partners as a video production company and creative team. Early music videos by Swivel included work for A Guy Called Gerald,[2] James (band), The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sundays and 808 State.[3] In 1989 a small article in i-D Magazine[4] helped draw more attention from major record labels and Jacobs moved back to London to set up the Swivel office concentrating on video production.

In 1993 Jacobs directed videos for Tears for Fears,[5] Texas[6] and Steps (group) [7] and joined the American company Squeak Pictures. His subsequent career has included a wide variety of musical acts [8] including, Moby,[9] The Corrs,[10] Gary Barlow, Midge Ure, Phil Collins and Cradle of Filth.[11]

Jacobs has also worked as an editor of music videos, commercials and television programs most notably on many recent shows featuring Derren Brown.[12]


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