Dani Sinha

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Dani Sinha
Dani Sinha.jpg
Dani Sinha in 2011
Occupation Journalist, Presenter
Notable credit(s) BBC South Today, BBC World News, World News Today, 5 News

Dani Sinha (/ˈsɪnhɑː/) is a British broadcast journalist and presenter, best known for her work on BBC World News and South Today. Since 2015 she has worked as a presenter reporter for 5 News on Channel 5.

Sinha studied French and Latin at Bristol University before taking a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism at City University London.

Broadcasting career[edit]

Sinha worked as a producer at BBC Radio Berkshire before actually presenting herself.[1] In 2006 Sinha began presenting on BBC South Today.[2] and has covered several major stories for both South Today and BBC News.[3]

Sinha briefly joined BBC London in 2008 as a BBC London News presenter, before returning to South Today as a regular presenter, as well as doing occasional presenting for BBC London News, the BBC News Channel and BBC World News. In 2015 she moved to ITN to work as a presenter and reporter for 5 News.

Sinha has worked as a patron for the Hampshire-based Open Sight charity for those with blindness and impaired sight.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Sinha grew up in the North West of England, but has spent most of her adult life in the South.[5] She plays piano, and enjoys skiing and yoga.

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