Dania Beach Hurricane

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Dania Beach Hurricane
Boomers! Parks
Park section Cyclone World
Coordinates 26°03′14″N 80°09′37″W / 26.053990°N 80.160278°W / 26.053990; -80.160278Coordinates: 26°03′14″N 80°09′37″W / 26.053990°N 80.160278°W / 26.053990; -80.160278
Status Removed
Opening date November 1, 1996
Closing date April 26, 2011
Cost $17,000,000
General statistics
Type Wood
Manufacturer Coaster Works, Inc.
Designer Stand Company
Lift/launch system Chain lift hill
Height 100 ft (30 m)
Drop 100 ft (30 m)
Length 3,200 ft (980 m)
Speed 50 mph (80 km/h)
Duration 1:50
Max vertical angle 60°
G-force 3
Dania Beach Hurricane at RCDB
Pictures of Dania Beach Hurricane at RCDB

Dania Beach Hurricane was a wooden roller coaster at Boomers! in Dania Beach, Florida. It was designed by Jules Ross and the Stand Company and was built by Coaster Works, Inc.. Dania Beach Hurricane Opened on November 1, 1996. The park's website refers to the 3,200-foot (980 m) long out and back coaster as the "largest wooden roller coaster in Florida" [1] Despite being located at the Boomers! park, it was owned and operated separately.

  • As of 4/26/11, the rollercoaster was standing but not operating.
  • Crews started demolition on the Dania Beach Hurricane on 3/16/16.

The following statement has been posted to the Boomers Website http://www.boomersparks.com/site/dania/directions.html "We have been informed that the third party who owns and operates the wooden roller coaster adjacent to the Boomers Family Fun Center in Dania/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has ceased operations effective immediately. The closure of the roller coaster does not and will not affect the operations of the Boomers Family Fun Center."


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