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Daniel Epstein (born December 10, 1985) operates a business incubator for entrepreneurs in Boulder, Colorado.

Business career[edit]

His first entrepreneurial venture was Tuition Specialists, a company aimed at helping out-of-state students pay tuition at less-expensive resident rates.[1][2]

In 2009, with some fellow graduates of the University of Colorado Boulder, he co-founded the Unreasonable Institute, a nonprofit that is a business incubator for entrepreneurs in Boulder, Colorado. Associated with the incubator is an early-stage investment fund that invests in social entrepreneurs, including those who attended the Unreasonable Institute.[3] Attendees raise $10,000 for tuition and will spend six weeks living in Boulder, Colorado.[4][5][2][6]

In 2012 he left the non-profit Unreasonable Institute to launch "Unreasonable Group", a private holding company of for-profit organizations that was spun out of Unreasonable Institute,[4][7][8] including:

Personal life[edit]

Epstein was born in Blaine, Washington. Epstein studied philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated in 2009.[13]


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