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Daniel A. McGowan

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Daniel A. McGowan is the executive director of Deir Yassin Remembered, an organization seeking to build a memorial in Deir Yassin, a former Palestinian-Arab village near Jerusalem, to commemorate a massacre there on April 9, 1948, in which 107 villagers were killed by forces from the Irgun and Lehi paramilitary groups.[1]

Deir Yassin Remembered has been classified as an "active Holocaust denial hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[2] The group was denounced by Jeremy Corbyn's campaign after Corbyn's attendance at some Deir Yassin Remembered programs was revealed.[3]

McGowan wrote the forward to Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf's Resistance is Obligatory, published by the Barnes Review.[4]

McGowan is professor emeritus of economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.[5] He is a columnist for Counterpunch, and the co-author, with Marc H. Ellis, of Remembering Deir Yassin: The Future of Israel and Palestine (1998). He also runs an organization called Righteous Jews, a play on the phrase righteous gentiles, for Jews willing to defend the rights of the Palestinians.

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