Daniel Béland

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Daniel Béland
Personal information
Country represented Canada
Residence Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Skating club CPA Saint-Laurent
Former skating club CPA Palestre Nationale
Retired c. 1981

Daniel Béland is a Canadian former competitive figure skater. After winning the 1977 World Junior Championships,[1] he was awarded medals at the Ennia Challenge Cup and Prague Skate.[2][3] His skating club was CPA Palestre Nationale.[3]:129 In 2007, he joined the coaching staff of CPA Saint-Laurent in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.[4]

Event 74–75 75–76 76–77 77–78 80–81
Ennia Challenge Cup 3rd 3rd
Prague Skate 2nd
St. Gervais 7th
International: Junior[1]
World Junior Champ. 1st
Canadian Champ. 1st N 3rd J 2nd J 2nd J
Levels: N = Novice; J = Junior


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