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Daniel Belknap (February 9, 1771 – October 3, 1815) was a farmer, mechanic, militia captain, poet and singing teacher.[1] Belknap was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, and was one of the first American composers.[2] He compiled four sacred tunebooks in the years 1797-1806, and also issued a book of secular songs with music. He died in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


  • The Harmonist's Companion - Boston: printed by Thomas & Andrews, Oct. 1797
  • The Evangelical Harmony - Boston: Thomas & Andrews, Sept. 1800
  • The Middlesex Collection of Sacred Harmony- Boston: Thomas & Andrews, Nov. 1802
  • The Village Compilation of Sacred Musick - Boston, printed for the author by J.T. Buckingham, 1806
  • The Middlesex Songster - Dedham: printed by H. Mann, 1809
  • Judgment Anthem - Dedham: printed by H. Mann, for D. Belknap, 1810

List of works[edit]

  • The Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - The Gregg Smith Singers
  • A View of the Temple: A Masonic Ode, sung at the installation of Middlesex Lodge, Framingham, Massachusetts, 1795.


  • America Sings, Volume I: The Founding Years (1993)
  • Under an American Sky


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