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Daniel Ben-Ami is a London-based journalist and author specialising in economics and finance. He has written extensively on economic development, the world economy, financial markets and investment funds. He has used the pseudonym Daniel Nassim.


His work has appeared in general and specialist publications including the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Prospect, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Times. Generally his more controversial articles have appeared in Spiked and before that the now defunct LM Magazine. He has spoken at public meetings including events organised by the Institute of Ideas, the New York Salon and WORLDwrite. In Europe, he has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News 24, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN and Sky News. In America, he was a guest on the Al Franken Show on Air America Radio and he has appeared on the Counterpoint programme on Australia's ABC Radio National. He has also appeared on the Al Jazeera English language television service.


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