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Daniel Bender is an American entrepreneur and spokesperson for the singles industry. In 1995, after years of working with matchmaking groups Bender founded Cupid's Network, Inc., two internet dating websites called Cupid's Network and the affiliated AmericanSingles.com.

Cupid's Network[edit]

Cupid's network was a directory which included more than 2,500 dating websites, matchmakers, dating services, etc. In 1995 during Cupid's Network's first year it was already the world's largest online dating site.[1]

American Singles[edit]

At its peak from 1997-1999, American Singles thrived as a non-profit bringing in $20,000/ month in donations. During these years, according to top100.com, it was regularly in the top 100 websites as ranked by traffic. In February 1999, American Singles, based out of San Rafael, California had 210,000 personal ads.[2] A few months later in May 1999, both sites, collectively Cupid's Network, Inc., were sold to Matchnet for $3,600,000. As of 2000 Matchnet, based in Germany, went public and was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Other work[edit]

Bender was a restaurateur (Daniel's Bistro in Ojai, California) from 2002-2004, and continues to be the owner of Weather.org.[3]

Spokesperson for Singles Industry[edit]

Bender is often called upon as a spokesperson and online dating expert. He has appeared on Fox News debating whether internet dating sites should screen for criminals [4] and was quoted in the New York Times explaining the specialization of some dating sites that are categorized to include sexual orientation, race, and religion.[5] Bender has also been quoted in or given interviews for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, PBS, BBC, and various other media outlets.[6]