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Daniel Berehulak (born 1975) is an award winning Australian photographer and photojournalist. Now based in New Delhi and specializing in reportages from India and Pakistan.


Berehulak was born in Sydney, Australia, the son of Ukrainian immigrants.[1] After studying history at the University of New South Wales, initially he embarked on a business-oriented career. He turned to photography in 2000, working for an Australian sports agency. In 2002, he started working for Getty Images in Sydney as a sports photographer, moving to London as a staff photographer in 2005 and now based in New Delhi. After covering Iraq and Chernobyl, he has been concerned with Pakistan, where he interviewed Benazir Bhutto shortly before her death, and India, including the elections.[2][3]

Mistaken identity[edit]

On 20 November 2009, Pakistan's newspaper The Nation published a front page story with a photograph of what it described as "Mysterious US nationals". "According to a source in another investigation agency, the foreigners seemingly belonged to the US spy agency CIA. It was evident from the fact that two police commandos were escorting them, the source added."[4]

However, it turned out that this "mysterious US national" was in fact Berehulak of Getty Images. Hugh Pinney, Getty’s senior director of photography, wrote to the paper's editor, Shireen Mazari, on 21 November 2009, explaining the error.[5]



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