Daniel Browning Smith

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Daniel Browning Smith
Born (1979-05-08) May 8, 1979 (age 38)
Meridian, Mississippi
Nationality American
Other names Rubberboy
Occupation Actor, contortionist, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, stuntman,
Years active 2002–present

Daniel Browning Smith, also known as The Rubberboy (born May 8, 1979), is an American contortionist, actor, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, and stuntman, who holds the title of the most flexible person in history, owning a total of seven Guinness World Records. Smith owes his flexibility to the genetic condition hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - hEDS. Smith, though, is fortunate because while he only experiences some moderate muscle pain, many people with hEDS lead lives compromised by severe muscle and bone pain, with many also suffering a range of autonomic nervous system and endocrine system problems. It's also important to note that while Smith is often cited as simply having Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, there are actually thirteen types of EDS, with the specific type determined by the particular genetic mutation [1] [2]

Early life[edit]

Smith was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. He has one sister and one brother. He was inspired by contortionists since the age of four, giving him the dream of becoming the world's best one. At this time, Daniel began to jump off the top bunk bed and land in a straddle split, much to the amazement of his family. Later, in his teen years, he began street performing with this technique to attract people's attention. When Smith turned 18, he joined a touring circus show. After this, he began contortion training under Master Lu Yi at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts.[3]




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