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Daniel Danielis (Visé near Liège 1635- Vannes 1696) was a Belgian composer. He studied at Maastricht and was organist at Saint Lambert's Church.[1][2] Between 1661 and 1681 he served as Kapellmeister at the court of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. In 1684 he became maître de musique at Vannes Cathedral.[3]

Works, Editions and Recordings[edit]

Surviving works include 72 petits motets,[4] several of them preserved by composer and collector Sébastien de Brossard, another 12 in a collection by Philidor.[5] 54 of these motets are for 1 or 2 voices.[6] A full catalogue of his works was published by Catherine Cessac, of the CMBV, in 2003.[7]


  • Motets for one or two voices - including Caelo rores. Adjuro vos. Cognoscam. O Dulcissime. Jesu dulcissime. Quid reminiscimini Adoro te meo salus. Dic mihi o bone Jesu. Jesu mi. O alme vindex criminum. Mellon, Collot, Terakado, Malgoire, Uemura. dir. Christophe Rousset 1993 (Koch Schwann 3-1031)
  • Motets d’Uppsala - 11 motets, including Paratum cor meum. Inter flammas amoris. Françoise Masset, Stephanie Revidat, Jean-François Novelli, Jérôme Corréas. Rousset 1997 (Cypres Records)
  • Caeleste convivium - motets including Propter nimiam charitatem. Ornate aras. O bonitas, o amor! Ad arma fideles. Obstupescite omnes. O ! o salutaris hostia!. Ad fontes amoris.Venite ed videte. Super flumina Babylonis. Ad gaudia cœli. Quo tendimus mortales. Ensemble Pierre Robert, Frédéric Desenclos. Alpha 2008


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